Random Thoughts

I make u visualize greatness I paint a picture so vivid I don’t have to say s*** all it took was patience if fame was up for grabs I’m going to take it the link between my sentences no one can break it the things in my life I can’t fake it I been saying that I’m real but have no problem to reinstate it my lips like a weapon so I try to muzzle them if not I’ll bean your pies u better go change your faith in them because it’s not any trust in him perfection so it isn’t any rust in him my gums tussling uh oh he’s cussing again fussing again my mind always in motion especially when I’m on that potion because it’s really potent and I’ll be frank I just go with the flow like the ocean nothing sugar coated just truth quoted I’m actually a really social person and u didn’t even know it that’s because I never really show it I feel I’m one of God’s messengers but a sinful poet my ego I love to stroke it been keeping things sleep tucked away and now u finally woke it my stuff so dope it make u get caught like a rope it gets written down but I rather u smoke it my life a wreck I’m the type to just leave it there and not tow it with everything I’ve been through it’s a miracle you’re going to think God wrote it

Some Type of Way

Haters really feel some type of way 

for some reason they all want to hate on me

and I never know exactly what to say 

I guess I knew it will happen some day

ring that bell because it’s a fight today

I guess that bombay got them feeling some type of way 

they think I’m a punk all I say is try me

my mind whispers to me and the things it says are frightening

I strike u with my words like lightening

then it starts getting dark, a little dim 

you’re going to think it’s mortal kombat how finished him

if it’s sink or survive I’m going to live though I don’t know how to swim

if I could rewrite my life I would I should where’s my pen 

full of sin but I’m starting to repent 

and going to church every chance I can 

so I pray for the people who feel like they have to hate on me 

I just separate myself from reality like a castaway 

no threats no stress so I feel oh so blessed today 

Pass Her By (part 1)

As time passes so does she so does the opportunity to finally meet her I come up with various pathetic excuses but maybe I’m a  little intimidated lets be clear or maybe it’s just plain fear not of what she is but who she seem to be let me explain running late i try to catch my bus but it seems like I’ve been running a lot lately I tell myself it’s so I can get to work on time but truth is it’s for a lady everyday the 8:04 bus prompt too I like like that so I sat back with my backpack strapped and waited for pure natural beauty to reach my presence because every time it happens it feels like a blessing I believe that I’m a child around her because I don’t know how to act around her I’m just thanking God that I found her mentally of course everyday I have to relive that ugly sensation of remorse no ring on her finger, she could be going through a divorce no she’s perfect she’s all yours our eyes connect and lock like a snapback as she walks to the exit it was magnetic left me breathless I guess our charges were negative because I couldn’t get near her it might seem immature sure but honestly I’m a little insecure, I mean I know what I have to offer but what that’s not enough, watching her slowly get off the bus I shook my head in disguise, off to work I go but thinking that was tough a bit too much tomorrow I’m going to say wassup……..



This is crazy how I’m sharing with u what made me now I’m using u my audience my followers to change me let me explain see I never shared any of these words I never showed how my mind fly like birds trust me I’m lucky to have followers who read how I make my point and not rush me how I take a number two on conformity and a number one on society but u all choose not to flush me I told u all that I don’t talk much and u didn’t hush me a lost for words because with all I said so far u didn’t judge me been real since day one and it’s not even half of what I been through not even half of what I have I’m not bragging because instead of crying I laugh I’m glad that my followers divide their day to add me in sum subtract bs and others multiply respect that’s what I call good math so thank u words can’t describe how thankful I am it’s really inspiring this feeling will never get tiring thank u for the console without the wiring thank u for reading following and the comments 1000 views is a true accomplishment so stay tuned because I’m not retiring not just yet and I promise u that u won’t feel an ounce of regret

Random Thoughts

I’m in love with this feeling of me getting lifted and don’t u forget it

and no I’m not kidding 

I’m really not kidding

if I say it I done it I did it ain’t no need for no fibbing

got so much talent it reach through the ceiling 

this feeling I’m feeling I’m feeling this feeling it’s really appealing

I’m willing to healing u got that penicillin too

I’m tripping I’m slipping I’m flipping because I been sipping true

I sifted the truth then gifted it to u that is presented by written proof


let me excuse I’m spitting no tooth

I’m shifting my noose

I’m drifting a cruise 

because you’re risking a bruise to your ego on point like a needle

I’m casper to people

just so easy to see through like a peephole

I got this on lock keyhole  


Random Thoughts

I eat it up just to heat it yup then take u home and beat it up was my first thought when I first saw her so I told her keep it up because I have more than a half in this Remy cup a straight shooter so trust me when I say my semi’s tucked now my mind is going a thousand miles a minute and I didn’t even say wassup told her I was the quiet type she said like a ninja as she sat grinding on me and made my wood stand up in my waistband like a nunchuck she told me about her life her kids and how apparently her boyfriend is a schmuck but all I was thinking was pure smut complete lust so I told her what she wanted to hear gave her my trust the feeing was so nuts I mean baby making music playing nice vibe and right as I’m feeling like I’m about to erupt all of a sudden she said time is up so I lost twenty bucks and felt even with no penetration I still got f***ed then slowly regained my composure and began to reconstruct 

Random Thoughts

Racing towards that high that feeling that I’m floating but I’m barely pacing forward or for that matter I’m barely pacing for it because my days are running shorter looking for a trick to get rid of these long nightmares that resemble a horror flick I rather feed into insomnia like those zombie kids see my dreams are equivalent to babies and sids it’s cute when u get to sleep but u might not wake up it’s serious reality makes me delirious u can see it without that feeling I can seem spiritless but honestly I think it makes me different it’s three in the morning and my mind is racing with thoughts suspended like a pendant nothing more to do but sleep those dreams I have to relive it I just ponder how good that high would be right now, damn now I feel tempted

History (part 1)

So I guess I have to tell this in 3rd person in order for me to tell his story a big head boy born in 86 mom was gonna name his chris but pops thought a third made more sense wasn’t birthed naturally only by cesarean so his parents thought he would be struggling from there on in but instead what came out was different so prolific so gifted how everything about art and music captured his interest he was outside the box he adjusted to all types like a headrest repeating various lyrics like he was possessed u can say music had him hooked but poetry had him under arrest something about the message that kept him guessing which made him start questioning everything which sharpened his mental weapons a strong willed kid but often called coward using odd words made him a little awkward lets fast forward he eventually moved out of his comfort zone started stressing he wanted to get away like southwest but left grounded so he began getting stoned more distractions were cloned and that once proclaimed king of writing walked away from the throne feeling like he wore failure like cologne just when he thought the pain was postponed it prolonged my emotional walls were torn down……

My City

My City

The city where the wind blows non stop where the people are all on bs but somehow we still have arose from Jordan’s shadow where the people unlike lake Michigan are shallow a hard city with buildings erect tall looking similar to castles where gang bangers are cowards just a bunch of cattle but are good with coming up with new words like scrabble if u pass through you’ll see a true beaut one thing I would argue or dispute is the commute because it can sometimes seem like there’s no way to subdue traffic a standstill like a statue after the fire my city slowly began to rebuild and in due time aged like fine wine a sight to see from sides like a diamond from east to west north to south u will encounter interesting people u will see worshipers leaving their steeple not all good though negativity and sin tend to seep through no need to offer that tutorial because its really f***ed up like a glory hole numerous gangs violence u know how the story goes I just keep my eyes closed when I finally get my sight back they call my city Chiraq now what true Chicagoan will like that where innocent families are forced to hold up more frames than a bike rack where fifty schools were written out of the city’s debt we need to overwrite that because education is the only way we can fight back let me not try to fall off track like the el where art dwell and talent in depth like a well that swell with ravishing elegance yea I’m bragging call it arrogance because my city is more than relevant just look at all the evidence I mean how can u get upset with a city that has made a president Chicago will always be my city my home started in 86 and been going strong ever since