Random Thoughts

I’m thankful for my “fam”

I’m thankful for my fans

I’m thankful for my hands

to write what is my life when given a chance

I’m thankful for God allowing me to dance on this earth

which seemed like I was prancing at first

I’m thankful for WordPress for letting u glance at my work

I’m thankful for my past

it made me stronger like a limb with a cast

I’m thankful for being an outcaste

I’m thankful for the right I was given to broadcast my forecast

I’m thankful for the way I was raised

and the tracks my parents paved

I’m thankful the word misunderstood being engraved in my skin

I’m thankful for these sentences that’s making those people judging, to think again

I’m thankful just to be thankful

I’m thankful that I can soar in the clouds like an angel

I’m thankful that this fire hasn’t left its candle

Thank you, seriously thank you

Happy Turkey Day

Random Thoughts

I’m a peaceful dude

with the pen I’m a lethal dude

when I go in

with sick lyrics that will leave u with the measles

I have more scriptures than a cathedral

see I’m willing to help people

because even with all the talent and attention, I have an immature ego

sometimes I wish I could fast forward real life like TiVo

I’ll stop it on game seven for the championship as I make the game winning free-throw

I’m going to succeed regardless the profession

whether it be business owner, writer, poet, or author as long as it gives me progression

talented, who u telling

it’s truly a blessing

I wish I could hit that high note on my words like a reverend

so it can get through to u like excrement, when u start digesting it

if I’m not good, I’m at least equivalent

naw that’s ignorant

and the fact that I might be a little arrogant, is irrelevant

because this isn’t even a taste of how bold I can get

see I’m not that innocent

and incase you’re trying to size me up, a 34 is my measurement

Random Thoughts

Me and u eating pie on the Eiffel

a goddess, body suicidal

grown man baby, I would life u

I mean wife u

same difference

u the type to finish sentences

ok, lets make this interesting

she writes art on my heart, u should see her penmanship

u remember the time we made love until we both couldn’t remember s***

what about every time when your make-up get smudged

every time we hug

right before we make love

then u blush

that’s when I usually lecture u about how u don’t need that stuff

then u tell me to hush

then we make up

but then again that was like every other day, I’m sorry babe

but your truly beautiful

trust me it’s skin deep, u don’t need to cover your outer layers like a cuticle

I finally found my baker so I cake her, I call her my Suzie Q

for seven years I’ve been choosing u

then I snap out of it and it hits me that not only are my nightmares real, but my daydreams are confusing too

Random Thoughts

What I write

is my life

and I’ll strike

if I have to, it’s only right

if for only one night

I was like mike, but with a mic

where I recite some insight before it takes flight

it might seem like I have a big head, but not at all

although within my talent exuding, it’s hard to call

down to earth, u can still see the scars from when I fall

not too big on fame, so the only hall I want to walk is the hall to evolve

my voice is my gun, as words and verbs revolve

your mind giving u a list of problems for u to solve

and I’ll admit when I’m false

like this verbose assault

yeah that’s my fault

but I can’t stop

even if it might cost me a future

that’s cool because my past was way cooler

I’m sizing up the competition, where’s my ruler

just consider me as your tutor

if you’re not following yet just let me words recruit u

let me expose u to something you’re not used to

especially when my confidence covers me like garments, lets see how it suits u

Random Thoughts

Here I am hopeless

open like the ocean, as I stand floating

emotions flowing 

I guess I’m just going through the motions 

the chosen one, I wear it on my skin like lotion

I already won

even with all this guilt that’s weighing a ton on my shoulders

no pennies for my thoughts

no need for loafers 

I’m hopeful that I can stay open

because my past held me back so I had to “off it”

no need for closure 

as my heart freezes, my headlines get colder 

that’s a hundred rhymes 

for one hundred minds 

a hundred times 

and if only one walk away blind, then that’s just fine 

because I’m trying to buy a future, I need someone to co-sign

no I’m just playing, my present is divine

I’m fresh by design 

I hope u get in tune or in line 

if not I’ll leave u behind 

too bad I can’t just flash toward the finish line 

then again I probably wouldn’t fast forward because I rather rewind 

that’s why I do these random thoughts, to remind u that my work is well overdue 

Random Thoughts

As she screams I tell her to say my name, she yelled “oh Jesus” 

I said, “stop playing u know my name Cleveland 

as I continue to beat her, passionately 

I dont mistreat her 

my third arm extended like I was trying to reach her 

she gave me head knowledge, but I was her teacher 

plus she was willing to stay after class, she was a keeper 

when I touch that spot she start shaking like a seizure 

so I tease her 

then try to ease her at my leisure 

I tell her I just want to freak her 

caked up like I need a baker 

a woman that can be professional and clean but when she in bed she scream like Anita Baker 

but she was neither all three so I chose to leave her

now all I do is write when I left 

jotting down these naughty lyrics hoping women will undress 

sorry if this was too much to ingest 

but it was just a test

apparently my thoughts had me under arrest