Random Thoughts

I make u visualize greatness I paint a picture so vivid I don’t have to say s*** all it took was patience if fame was up for grabs I’m going to take it the link between my sentences no one can break it the things in my life I can’t fake it I been saying that I’m real but have no problem to reinstate it my lips like a weapon so I try to muzzle them if not I’ll bean your pies u better go change your faith in them because it’s not any trust in him perfection so it isn’t any rust in him my gums tussling uh oh he’s cussing again fussing again my mind always in motion especially when I’m on that potion because it’s really potent and I’ll be frank I just go with the flow like the ocean nothing sugar coated just truth quoted I’m actually a really social person and u didn’t even know it that’s because I never really show it I feel I’m one of God’s messengers but a sinful poet my ego I love to stroke it been keeping things sleep tucked away and now u finally woke it my stuff so dope it make u get caught like a rope it gets written down but I rather u smoke it my life a wreck I’m the type to just leave it there and not tow it with everything I’ve been through it’s a miracle you’re going to think God wrote it

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