Happy New Year

Hello all, first off Happy New Year to my wordpress fam. Second, sorry I’ve been m.i.a for awhile but I bring u, not one but at least three updates. Staying busy has been the process over these past few months and it has produced the final version of my book of poetry. For a physical copy go here http://www.blurb.com/b/5477274-pieces-from-my-sanity Sorry for the plug lol. Also this summer I will produce my first short story of a series of short stories, so I hope y’all can check that out. Ive also been working on my entrepreneurial skills to produce a new but very useful product this fall. Finally, Im back on here producing new poetry and new random thoughts, as well as updates on my upcoming projects. I hope I can share another year with u all so please stay tuned.

Paradise….. Lost (feat realtalented)

Check out this feature I did with a very talented brother follow him at writingsingray.wordpress.com



Dare to speak her name 
can’t live without her, a man can really go insane 
I wish I was hooked on her like the dope that goes inside my vein
Because she helps me deal with the constant nonsense that haunts my conscience and brain 
But I’m selfish, I mean society taught me that relationships are a migraine 
In the beginning you’re full of feelings then they slowly start to drain 
So u isolate yourself, using this for protection 
But what u don’t notice is that you’re trapping yourself with those feelings u neglected
Saying that u choose to be alone, and how u respect it 
And now you’re sick but keep thinking it’s gotta be something u ingested
Seems like those feelings u rejected
Matured and now you’re infected 
Just like freedom, its something everyone should be blessed with
I mean it’s sleep to the restless 
Air to breathe…

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Guest Post: RealTalented

The Hip Hop Hip

Today’s post is a little different. I asked one of my followers, realtalented to guest post for me. I thought with his unique style of expressing himself, it would be really cool if he could whip up a little somethin’ about fashion for my blog. So here it is, hope you enjoy it…

If u asking about fashion

I’m only grasping it

But laughing

Because I don’t know what happened

Skinny jeans tighter than the tights u wrestle in

Then have the audacity to sag them, damn

It’s embarrassing

But to each his own

I don’t mean to preach but I’m grown

Grown man that’s my tone

Style I wear it like it’s my cologne

Will I conform, probably won’t

Because originality is my home

If I had to choose my fashion will be tattoos

I know people like is that really what u would say if they…

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Random Thoughts

Here I am hopeless

open like the ocean, as I stand floating

emotions flowing 

I guess I’m just going through the motions 

the chosen one, I wear it on my skin like lotion

I already won

even with all this guilt that’s weighing a ton on my shoulders

no pennies for my thoughts

no need for loafers 

I’m hopeful that I can stay open

because my past held me back so I had to “off it”

no need for closure 

as my heart freezes, my headlines get colder 

that’s a hundred rhymes 

for one hundred minds 

a hundred times 

and if only one walk away blind, then that’s just fine 

because I’m trying to buy a future, I need someone to co-sign

no I’m just playing, my present is divine

I’m fresh by design 

I hope u get in tune or in line 

if not I’ll leave u behind 

too bad I can’t just flash toward the finish line 

then again I probably wouldn’t fast forward because I rather rewind 

that’s why I do these random thoughts, to remind u that my work is well overdue 

Random Thoughts

As she screams I tell her to say my name, she yelled “oh Jesus” 

I said, “stop playing u know my name Cleveland 

as I continue to beat her, passionately 

I dont mistreat her 

my third arm extended like I was trying to reach her 

she gave me head knowledge, but I was her teacher 

plus she was willing to stay after class, she was a keeper 

when I touch that spot she start shaking like a seizure 

so I tease her 

then try to ease her at my leisure 

I tell her I just want to freak her 

caked up like I need a baker 

a woman that can be professional and clean but when she in bed she scream like Anita Baker 

but she was neither all three so I chose to leave her

now all I do is write when I left 

jotting down these naughty lyrics hoping women will undress 

sorry if this was too much to ingest 

but it was just a test

apparently my thoughts had me under arrest 


Random Thoughts

I tried being her superman but she left me broken and paralyzed like mr. reeves

that’s why I sift those trees and breathe

I mean, only good things I did, rarely told her no 

spoiled her for the right reasons

but catch an attitude if I didn’t give anything that show

how low, but then again I was an amateur at this love thing

she was a pro

felt like I was buying her worth

but what did I know, as long as I didn’t get hurt

because honestly she was the first attempt

at that love thing, maybe I was rushing

and to think all those crushes I had didn’t prepare me for this kind of crushing

all that time spent, just to end up with nothing

I guess that sums up false hope

all that working, just to end up broke  

I’m starting to think this love stuff is a hoax