Let me wipe u down

baby girl you’re so wet

I’m going to pipe u down

some of my best work yet

told her to bite down

as I go south to her thirst net

she c**, we come down

even though we just met

over and over from sun up to sun down

until I give her flashbacks like a war vet

she starts breaking down

it was all that lying I bet

telling me she needs to lie down

and all I can do is sweat

thinking that her wrath was about to fall down

I was deep in a sea of regret

I did what I did, so just before I bow down

she said these are shaky waters, u don’t have your feet set

I’m thinking, who she about to call down

but say something stupid like, how deep those waters really get

she laughs, as she starts calming down

we kiss, that’s when I realized I’m going to be even deeper in her debt


Random Thought

I put my life on paper because it’s pleasurable

I’m trying to write my wrongs, I hope it’s legible

I swear my creativity organic like a vegetable

but no need to lecture u

I’m chilling in my vestibule with a special view

I’m trying to piece my life together with extra glue

I’m all charged up like a mustang, shout out to SMU

see I say things a little awkward just to mess with u

I’ve loosened up like there’s nothing else left to screw

I did everything right so there’s nothing else left to do

my worst nightmares, yeah I met a few

did some messed up things, I had to step down from the pedestal

I had a bad temper, I used to let the kettle stew

but I’m back now protected from those dark clouds like I’m weather proof

I’m done with the lies so now I’m only selling truth

I never want to hit rock bottom, even if I had to wrestle u

that’s why I suggest success because I don’t want a failing clue

Me U & Hennessy remix (snippet)

U should come home tonight

I promise I’ll hit it right

no need to fuss and fight

lets just get drunk tonight

u look like good company

baby just come with me

better yet run to me

u taste like rum to me

then the room started spinning

plus my bed keep on shaking

but the room keep on spinning

I play with her mind

when I started licking

she forget what she thinking

her body drenched so, I started drinking

my d*** on the rise

let me stand up in it

then dive in your deep end

’cause making her c** is my mission

I’m gripping her thighs

got me pumping like a piston

I hope nobody’s listening

’cause I’m not stopping until I’m finished

this Hennessy featuring u

Would it be?

Would it be ok if I took your breath away

would it be great if I did everything u say

would it be nice to wake up to u everyday

would it be ok if u were the reason for my tooth decay

would it be great if u only had the truth to say

but u end up lying, making me want to heat u like this stew I made

then again would it be nice if I said I love u today

would it be ok if I invited u to play

would it be great if I asked u to stay all day

until u feel smothered, she’ll say

and that I can make her blue even when the skies are gray

would it be nice if we can just press replay

would it be ok if I kept chasing u like a relay

would it be great if I wasn’t so cliche

would it be nice if every time u needed me I was there with no delay

but you’re the type to sell my heart on eBay

the type to purposefully cheer for lebron whenever the heat play

would it be ok if I didn’t have to swallow my pride just to keep u safe

would it be great if u didn’t have anything cold to say

just once, would it be nice if I was late

just once, would it be ok if I date

left her alone and found out everything was great

can’t be your superman, there’s no more cape

so would it be nice to have a life without u…yeah, I just wish I could escape

Random Thought

My chest feel closed up like I drank from the ocean

thought I was coasting, but more like coping

please let me vent no more holding it in

how do u stretch out with walls closing in

how many nightmares am I supposed to be in

like this real life movie I chose to be in

been lost all my life, y’all thought I wasn’t supposed to win

lived a life of sin

grew up and picked up a pen

then again u probably heard this before, but you’re going to hear it again

this is pain

spilled blood from my vein

scared to be called plain

I see red when called lame

but I just calm down, that’s usually the “jane”

see when I’m pissed off that’s usually the drain

stressed out, I’m just trying to maintain

at the end of the day all I see is rain

u cannot say I have nothing to gain

success is the only thing I crave

I need that road of glory to be something that I pave

because I have loved ones I’m trying to live for from the grave

Random Thought

I feel like everybody else is progressing and I’m standing still

steady stressing, that’s why I’m trying to race to get a mil

second guessing about if I’m good enough to get a deal

see everyday this is how I feel

living out nightmares because dreams seem far fetched, this is real

some days I’m so blue, I’m teal

constantly rambling about gambling because I’m too impatient to build

I have a skill but no one listens, I guess I have to kill

nah, let me exercise my art like I body build

it’ll leave u with a buzz like u running through a poppy field

just please don’t judge, I know I’m all over the place like a sloppy spill

I’m not really the emotional touchy feely type, but I might write something to help u cop a feel

I have to preserve the fruits of my labor that’s why I keep them locked and sealed

yeah, I feel like everything I say sick like I can’t pay the doctor bill

which are reasons why I keep attacking every obstacle with zeal

Random Thought

I’m a receiver girl, throw that

do what u want, please don’t hold back

she taking these ass shots like a kodak

she say u the man, I say s*** know that

the next day on twitter she’s going to post that

so I sneak into her dm’s, guess what I wrote back

a few smiley faces later, she sending me emojis of her little cat

so I planned her heart hijack, where everybody lack at

yup, I’m going to court her so she can get this shaq attack

I’m going to break her back in fact

I’m going to keep feeding my face until I reach her little gift like a cracker jack

then split her like an axe, and cuddle after that

the next morning kick her to the curb like a hacky sac

that’s when I woke up and tried to figure out what I was laughing at

………lol it feels so nice to be back on track

Random Thought

Now, I would say that this is usual

but this is not something I’m really used to

listen to my words, let them loop through

I’m full of mistakes like I’m penciled in, but who drew

a young talented kid but know knew

yup, this kid is real like I was speaking hebrew

I want my lessons to reach u

my art to teach u

let my work home u in, not lease u

let my blood, sweat and tears bleed through

I hope my message please u

if pain is what teases u, I hope to appease u

society’s strong hold, let me release u

yeah I have regrets, too many to list through

and have too many problems, way more than a fistful

but yet I’m blissful

even though I walk around as if I’m piss blue

please don’t let that congeal u

just let my evolution revolve around u like a pistol

they say pressure creates greatness, so watch me drill through


I have a lot of dreams, none that can every come true it seem
So far fetched, but not greed
All I want is a good read
Not a follower at all, but since no one is taking control, I guess I’ll lead
An ill gotten seed
Still immature but trying to grasp a better sceneĀ 
Inspired to be an inspiration
But tired of the discrimination
I’m trying to be less timid because that’s a limitation
Past arguments about my stand on assimilation
I just feel what’s real shouldn’t be an imitation
I just want to be comfortable
With a foundation that’s supportable
A future bright enough that these dreams seem more affordable
Determined to make success portable
These tears of hard work are finally pouring true
This is all I do
Dream dream dream
Making sure I have a mean that mean more than just making means
When I’m up stressed out I fall back and dream
Worth more cream than any material thing
No matter if you’re a single being or a street team
Never lay them down, stand up for your dream
Let’s show a king how we all dream