Hey everybody Cleveland here, I hope everyone is enjoying and having a Happy Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween I was hoping to liven your day by asking the age ole question. What is your favorite scary movie?

Not all at once, I’ll go first….the Child’s Play movies, but only Child’s Play 1,2, and 3. The newer Chucky movies were whack in my opinion. So lets hear your favorite scary movie.

Random Thought

Random Thought

My Halloween started with nightmare on elm street as Freddy chased me through my dreams when I sleep those long claws in which to slash but move over for that psycho with a hockey mask Jason an indestructible mass fueled by anger as he tries to decapitate anyone he can then what I thought wouldn’t be so bad made me look at bees from a different glass candyman got me but I was stuck on child’s play a demonic toy which seemed too real I didn’t care what people say a doll killing people I’m not going to lie I had trouble with this moving on to killer clowns how can anyone forget IT teleporting around with blood filled balloons as a trick I’ll admit I was scared as s*** when the fear was gone from all but one, my lips are zipped hey sis, I watched this camp stories flick about some chick putting firecrackers in campers’ noses when they sleep from that day on I gave up on any camping trip then started watching tales from the crypt where a ghoul whose laugh encrypt my script with the older I get a little upset that there’s no good scary movies no more but what u expect no disrespect I just wanted to share this with u before I forget

Random Thought

The hand that was dealt to me was a full house my comfort zone is miles away so there’s no couch my foundation being my life got an outhouse for my little white lies, a bit tragic but that’s why I keep all my ideas in the attic the main bedroom being my talent the bathroom attachment is where I drown my sorrows in my tub of dope and flush away my pain in the toilet, my soul leaks from the faucet with my skeletons tucked away in the bedroom closet yet I’m still haunted so I added a vault to it the kitchen freezer where I keep my style because I’m cold like the cubes that are frosted the stove where I keep most heated debated pieces of my work connected to me like the tile floor in order for me to reintegrate I’m what u should refrigerate as life goes on my pen will add more stories to it I just hope I don’t get foreclosed or fold and lose it  

Random Thought

See I’m the type to leave your brain right along side your coffin just so u can try to think outside the box used to get into a lot of trouble but it never stuck because I was sly like a fox no more warning shots see u the type to go home and copy rap u copycat that’s why your style is crap and out dated u might as well take your floppy back since when did music turn into weightlifting, now they can spot u a track I guess I’m the only one who has a problem with that the industry is like a cheat whore I’ll have my way with her then never her call back not the marrying type u know how the saying goes so I don’t see how others consider her their wife I’m reminded by that other saying about their life and how it ends with a knife and I’ll be honest smoking is my only vice I like the irony something good is considered bad, how something is perfectly imperfect, how I’m empty yet fulfilled, I’m happily repressed they say it’s backwards well I regret acceptance, I never waited on patience, and I’m the strongest weak minded person you’ll ever meet I don’t judge but to others it’s something worst that’s bs I curse this because I’m a mistake done on purpose I hear rebuilding hurt though told u I have more lines than plaid I guess that’s that’s food for thought even if I have to force feed u I hope u don’t gag    

Random Thoughts

Born with precious talent messages from my heart are accounted which is protected by my chest which is protected by a vest I want to open your sutures and expose whatever suits u they often called a loser but maybe they were right because eventually I’ll lose her how ironic went from being drunk off that tonic to throwing up metaphors and creating poetry from my vomit ok maybe I’m too much to stomach my appearance leave them running but my verbs keep them coming how stunning my cunning ways to start tonguing my shortcomings instead of fronting is it me or am I something it’s funny how a light is always going off in my head like a pumpkin never again will I slack off these haters are pass soft procrastination should be assassinated ok maybe I exaggerated a tad bit but at least incarcerated that’s why I try to concentrate greatness and tolerate patience as the days pass I’m more likely to become one of your favorite I feel alienated but my aura is outer space period so let me abduct your body and probe your mind with my words I’m serious here let me beam u up to my spaceship   

John and Silent Rob

This is a video we did a few months back. It’s an introduction to our live, random, improv show where we pick a topic and ask random people. This 100% unscripted and unrehearsed show will soon be on youtube filling your day with laughter and knowledge so stay tuned. Can u guess which one is Silent Rob?….Shout out to Mr. John Hill and the Wildbeats Team


I’m in outer space feeling like I’m out of space about to space out my pace to this race is untraceable I’m a real and honest dude there’s an endangered few my ish isn’t kosher but shouldn’t matter unless you’re a jew I’m immaculate in your view that triangle face will rack up your crew for that eight ball as soon as I give the cue talent stuck to me like glue u can try to body this but my bite resembles a hippopotamus when I get hungry them dots connect four in your chest and I’m not going to be sorry because u should have gotten a clue I apologize for my tourette’s I’m just warning u I do it all I’m versatile not that social though so when people see me they say we never heard of u that’s cool what happened to them good old days I wish I had my childhood back I like my life was reversible the lyrical ammunition I hold can leave u topless like a convertible so maybe with more views I can someday become your idol and if not then I’m going to call u a pawn because if u come at me wrong you’re clearly suicidal see this is very vital for those with a one track mind like a unicycle I’m cold like AK I spit glaciers like the rifle I’m sometime spiteful my company is delightful its nothing I can’t write to  

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

The fall season reminiscent images get dreamt about October 15 this is normal for me the birthday of the cousin that was taken from me felt like a piece was stolen out of me that’s why I’ve been so far gone still get emotional because I feel I need u now like that one Smokie Norful song my road dog the little brother I always wanted all along the day November 3rd etched in my brain as five bullets ripped through his flesh in pain left slumped dumped on the side of road man that s*** was cold I’m so froze knowing that we won’t get a chance to grow old didn’t cry until months later because I didn’t know how to cope anger and retaliation had a hold on me like good dope but chose to clean my life but I’m running out of soap considered a worst day if he was here wouldn’t know what word to say better yet I’ll ask him why were u over there in the first place and tell him that I’m good but finally trying to educate people about our birthplace but I feel like I’m in third place because I didn’t catch him in time never considered this a cursed day because even though you’re gone I’m going to still make u proud verse by verse until we meet again little “cuz” happy birthday

Spark Up (a conversation)

Me: Hey you’re beautiful 

Her: What u say? (confused)

Me: I’m just being truthful 

Her: Where u going? Why are u going that way?

Me: I just thought I could cheer up your day 

Her: That’s fine by me, ok? (smiling)

Me: How are u by the way, what’s your name?

Her: I’m fine thanks, I’m Kush 

Me: Hold on, like the bush? (smiling)

Her: One of the same, what about u?

Me: Cleveland

Her: Like the city?

Me: Yes indeedy that part about me is true 

Me: So I have to ask, do u smoke?

Her: Nope

Me: Aw damn, false hope

Her: Just kidding, u think with a name like Kush, c’mon now

Me: Yea, I should have seen that coming (laughing)

Her: U?

Me: Yes ma’am, I smoke so much it’s apart of my hue

Her: You’re cute and funny too (laughing)

Me: Thank u, but I thought cute was for babies, just kidding I told u how I feel I had to pursue 

Her: You’re smooth and I like your confidence (smiling) 

Me: Hey how about we smoke and I’ll let u examine all the evidence?

Her: Ok that sounds interesting, here I brought my own medicine

Me: What a blessing, she’s truly heaven sent (pondering)



Random Thoughts

Nowadays everybody want to be dope dealers whatever happened to the go getters whatever happened to them hope visions it’s like they sending in more petitions to become morticians partaking in all that is forbidden acting like everything will be forgiven they try to run things with that long nose Scottie Pippen but the barrel always leave them tripping they sometimes plot a killing just from the way u sitting and how about the deadly war over sneakers whatever happened to the leaders who could move a group like preachers whatever happened to the teachers who should walk around with a sign saying, “your children really need us” whatever happened to them inspirational speakers I’ll be honest I do have dope lines but the only trap house I know of is my mind my tongue is the only crime but instead I use it to shine we are slowly dying we need someone to speak for us because if not the world will be left blind