Pass Her By (part 1)

As time passes so does she so does the opportunity to finally meet her I come up with various pathetic excuses but maybe I’m a  little intimidated lets be clear or maybe it’s just plain fear not of what she is but who she seem to be let me explain running late i try to catch my bus but it seems like I’ve been running a lot lately I tell myself it’s so I can get to work on time but truth is it’s for a lady everyday the 8:04 bus prompt too I like like that so I sat back with my backpack strapped and waited for pure natural beauty to reach my presence because every time it happens it feels like a blessing I believe that I’m a child around her because I don’t know how to act around her I’m just thanking God that I found her mentally of course everyday I have to relive that ugly sensation of remorse no ring on her finger, she could be going through a divorce no she’s perfect she’s all yours our eyes connect and lock like a snapback as she walks to the exit it was magnetic left me breathless I guess our charges were negative because I couldn’t get near her it might seem immature sure but honestly I’m a little insecure, I mean I know what I have to offer but what that’s not enough, watching her slowly get off the bus I shook my head in disguise, off to work I go but thinking that was tough a bit too much tomorrow I’m going to say wassup……..

9 thoughts on “Pass Her By (part 1)

  1. Yay 🎉 get it on!

  2. Just say hello! 🙂 If you don’t think you have enough to offer, ask yourself, what is enough? We’re in an age where women don’t need things, wine or dinner… we need something else… courage, bravery, strength, the ability to hold your posture high even if things go amiss:-) You can do it.

  3. True art inspires… I am now in the mood to write a love song. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the follow.

    Been sifting through your talent 🙂

    …..and I like you. The world needs to know you for sure. Your words are very melodic.

    Stay true…

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