Random Thought

I’m a Chicagoan
so I feel I have to look over both shoulders
one for the thieves that steal lives
and these police that suppose to fight crimes
but who remember those times
now guys are getting shot with stop signs
but who rise
we lose guys
we end up being so mad we loot our own s***, get a clue guys
I mean is this the only time u seen police crime rise, tell the truth guys
so cutthroat it’s like they’re wearing quite a few knives
and have no problem ending a future in the present too by two guys
the media is against us
the police are against us
the government is against us
but what’s even worst, we are against us
instead of getting beat down, can we start standing up for what we believe in
instead of fighting for race that hold us, lets start a march on the justice system whose been cheating the lives of young men
just think, they trap us then give us access to heat, then sit back and let things stir up like a wok, its sick
but this is my opinion on the conflict, I see things in another perspective a different optic
I wasn’t going to touch this like it was toxic
but it seem like a hot topic
I guess I’m just looking for the logic
I mean not even the cries of “I’m hit” will get them from firing from their cockpit
we need to stop this
I said I wasn’t on anymore negativity, so I really didn’t pay attention to repeated history
so I’m going to put it to bed and watch how Chicago kids greeted history instead