History (part 1)

So I guess I have to tell this in 3rd person in order for me to tell his story a big head boy born in 86 mom was gonna name his chris but pops thought a third made more sense wasn’t birthed naturally only by cesarean so his parents thought he would be struggling from there on in but instead what came out was different so prolific so gifted how everything about art and music captured his interest he was outside the box he adjusted to all types like a headrest repeating various lyrics like he was possessed u can say music had him hooked but poetry had him under arrest something about the message that kept him guessing which made him start questioning everything which sharpened his mental weapons a strong willed kid but often called coward using odd words made him a little awkward lets fast forward he eventually moved out of his comfort zone started stressing he wanted to get away like southwest but left grounded so he began getting stoned more distractions were cloned and that once proclaimed king of writing walked away from the throne feeling like he wore failure like cologne just when he thought the pain was postponed it prolonged my emotional walls were torn down……

5 thoughts on “History (part 1)

  1. love this…thought it was a blog at first but then i realized it had a rhythm…love the line “wore failure like cologne”. All your lines are great though šŸ™‚ nice write

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