Some Type of Way

Haters really feel some type of way 

for some reason they all want to hate on me

and I never know exactly what to say 

I guess I knew it will happen some day

ring that bell because it’s a fight today

I guess that bombay got them feeling some type of way 

they think I’m a punk all I say is try me

my mind whispers to me and the things it says are frightening

I strike u with my words like lightening

then it starts getting dark, a little dim 

you’re going to think it’s mortal kombat how finished him

if it’s sink or survive I’m going to live though I don’t know how to swim

if I could rewrite my life I would I should where’s my pen 

full of sin but I’m starting to repent 

and going to church every chance I can 

so I pray for the people who feel like they have to hate on me 

I just separate myself from reality like a castaway 

no threats no stress so I feel oh so blessed today 

3 thoughts on “Some Type of Way

  1. Wonderful writing! Keep doing it!

  2. You should write lyrics for songs, your writing has that type of beat.

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