Random Thoughts

A mistake done on purpose a statistic made true saying that I’m worthless saying that I’m taboo the word conformity permanently etched in my flesh like a tattoo but why me I ask u is it because your assumptions of ignorance are slightly askew is it because my color is off a hue or two is it because I mostly wear dark colors or is it the scars on my body or the tattoos that cover why couldn’t it be the way I converse or the way I disburse these verses out my mouth like its my purpose see when the truth starts to surface that make people nervous I’m a real dude which is considered a curse but i feel its something people should purchase when my voice enter u your insides will bleed like a virgin not realizing how I just cut u up and rearranged your  mind frame like a surgeon now close the curtain  


There’s this woman listening to Kenny Lattimore because deep down she’s a battered whore going through life at such a low point I begin to flatter her more she’s broken and it’s hard to ignore but through all the dirt there’s her heart that is twice as warm and bright as the sun’s core so I try to tell her that she’s beautiful because it’s clearly visible but her past blinded her so bad that she can only listen to all the negativity that gets thrown at her well if she catches it I want to be the one tackle her and tell her she’s an angel me tweaking thinking I just took one of God’s messengers I’m going straight to hell her aura gets me so high and that’s just her smell but she keeps denying herself trapped in a shell no a cell or better yet a jail everything on the outside said bail still even though her walls are impenetrable I sensed that she was smart probably went to Yale from what I could tell after various failed attempts and debating she couldn’t see that I was very truthful though she has an ugly past she’s beautiful I continued to give her sweet lines I wanted to cake her like she was my Suzy Q but to no prevail I could see I was losing u she finished her biscuit then I faded from her existence not knowing that skin deep she was truly gifted and I was addicted although left hurt couldn’t help but to think to myself, damn another statistic

Random Thoughts

My lyrical ability is also known as a spiritual remedy a series of soliloquies seeping from my brain a history of misery and pain trying to reach a plateau of not being flat broke I try to grasp hope I try to have my jokes and notes sail across the globe like boats to the non believers I mask them with smoke to the haters I declass them laugh at them because they’re a joke I have stories that will break your heart a minor stroke an optimist turned pessimist turned optimist that’s why I’m so confident can go up to anybody and tell them I’m what the topic is but I’m not a big talker I rather study people like a biologist I treatise different trees like a botanist and I save more memory than a floppy disk my mind talks to me maybe I need to see a psychologist I have more bars than colleges if u want to learn more then follow this 

Tattoos (rough draft)

Now I’m not gonna lie when people see me they say i”m marked up more than city buses I love my tattoos because they cover numerous scars so u can imagine how much my skin toughens walking around as nothing a transformation forthcoming and I’m done yet I’ll just leave my earliest form in mourning because my being is going through permanent touring with the ink and needle a forever visual that illustrates the things I been through here I’ll describe a few my little cousin portrait who got killed by his own crew a frankenstein monster on my left arm to symbolize the fact that I’m so misconstrued I have a paper heart on my left sleeve to show that my love for writing is really true two scriptures I’ve learned and tried to live by straight out of the gospel viewed from a distance I could seem a little hostile but a microscopic lens can show u that’s not my lifestyle to show not to take my kindness for a weakness there’s a grim reaper who casts a shadow of a juvenile got my family tree on me because your loved ones are so crucial these tattoos are fruitful I’m giving out a spoonful hopefully it will sooth u from judging a book by it’s cover got a tattoo for my sister older cousin and brother and of course have one for my mother most of them are televised in black and white no color I’m usually the quiet type but my tattoos are loudly spoken for I feel this ink is weakening my core which doesn’t help because I’m always seeking more making it harder to ignore see most tattoos layer the skin but mine are absorbed 

Random Thoughts

I can’t afford to fail so I might just window shop because I’m trying to adopt the opportunity to have opportunity knock I’m really loving the essence of writing it’s really a blessing exciting to have a thought and be able to write it u should try it a way to only consume truth and get rid of bs a real diet this writing stuff is a riot now before I can get the world to start twerking to my verses shaking to these curses I’m going to write it first so it’s perfect and I bet you’re gonna rehearse it everyday like a worship I’m all about direction if it’s none left it’s not right so I left, right? I never let myself come down I’m always up off life of that other stuff my mama said I was special when she birthed me I guess I’m showing u it’s no bluff with mean lines that might be tough a bit rough but for some reason u can’t get enough got u hooked like a handcuff plus it’s crazy because all of this come off the dome like dandruff so let your mind become bristled with my words and in return let them massage your brain like a hairbrush that’s it I guess no more to discuss one love Chi town stand up 

The Boys in Blue

The Boys in Blue

The boys in blue old school but new school gang still live and true brandishing a badge and gun shooting at folks for fun more powerful than the kings and folks the crips and bloods for every ounce of spilled blood they gain a rep a bigger pay check and more like them lying to impressionable minds using their name as good so one day these youth can grow up to be just like them this is how they recruit like computers any sign of crashing they try to regroup or reboot gaining an even stronger code of ethics a life lesson of segregation and empowerment written with our soul this sh*t is restless known not to be messed with like most gangs but instead of trying to cop the biggest necklace they try to leave u neckless claiming self defense wearing their work on their sleeves and feed it to their og’s that everyone know as politicians the mayors and governors are next in line then their henchmen or lynch men to protect them given power to destroy a race to deface the many faces of this society with traces of poverty this is polygamy forced to trust those who suppose to protect us then f*** us and they do this over and over again until the lies and bs give birth to bastard kids who are raised on f*** the police see these are the ones u don’t play with all action don’t say sh*t these are the ones that are heartless and reckless who will take a cop out quick no patience or will die trying but see police they know this so instead of shoot to kill like they were know for they find a cell to hold us like slavery they take our freedoms telling us when to think when to sleep when to sh*t when to shower so over time they force us to realize they always been in power also using this to break us so we can become institutionalized or lack of better words get out my face know your place or your place on this earth with be misplaced they pump control or base and let it rush through our streets like marathon races it then run through our veins like rats in most mazes no wonder why we have more cases than the year have days this is tasteless I look back at the lives that were wasted from the lies we were raised on as we sit and watch police shrivel our communities like raisins in the sun


Now I don’t like to segregate but this one is for the smokers everyday i wake up to the smell of bud like folgers I grab the buds grind them up then roast them now I’m toasted floating on the belief that I’m somewhere else invisible to the fact that my life is eroding it’s better not knowing I feel like riding this high because with it I become more creative and social am I medicated now, maybe but that’s not the issue although its sinful yet blissful it’s got me loaded like a pistol my mind blown I’m feeling naked but yet my mind is wearing thin like tissue the come down came around sundown I gotta lay down right now because cold reality covers all like an evening gown day after night joint after joint bowl after bowl this is my life now I feel the medicine taking its toll every time giving me a chance to talk to my soul so am I a plant head no my roots bare deeper in the soil I use it for an advantage keeps me connected to my inner being like bandwidth helps close open wounds like a bandage but how can I manage to not damage my message with every session its a lesson better yet a true blessing but then again I don’t do it much I don’t let it cripple me trust me I don’t need a crutch to help guide me with writing and such no it’s just something about that feeling of having your life at a clutch I can honestly say whenever I medicate I seriously feel touched 

Random Thoughts

I’m playing gin rummy I don’t really drink but I’ll take a gin running that’s a gin chased my girl keeps asking me if I think that is safe obviously I’m in a bad mood so don’t bother me we argue back and forth like a rivalry u tried to sell me a dream that’s bribery but I still bought it because no one is perfect honestly I’m numb every time u lie to me because you’re not the only one u knew I wore my heart on my sleeve and u made  me an amputee I snap back from my flashback and realize its crazy what happens when liquor breaks down the thought process discard common sense and all u end up with is debris  

Random Thoughts

I was looking in the foreground and couldn’t help but notice her daydream flashbacks of me holding her exposing her to raw beauty her skin resemble an angel without the wings she was gifted her breast legs ass along with other things had me lifted took her home couldn’t wait until the bedroom so we ended up in the kitchen exploring her like a map I settled at an all u can eat breakfast spot down south so I got my fill until she overspill her tap I tasted her sap then entered inside her I swear it was a wrap going down her hallways bumping into every corner until her walls began to talk then we had to suddenly part ways because she couldn’t take it anymore as her lips swelled and what seemed to be a waterway in her passageway scratches on my back eventually heal although painful can’t help but love the feel then I wake up erected dumbfounded underwear ruined thinking damn that wasn’t real

Random Thoughts

Living in a 4d world with everyone else is 2d it seems when people look they see right through me this girl think I should sweat her like coogi but deep down she knows I only like bud like rudy a little loopy and a little moody at times but watch me transform my life’s future to a gem like a ruby lines of true beauty that should be captured forever so whose willing to shoot me