Random Thought

I swear my lines tell the truth

I never lied in any booth

I learned to sever ties from my youth

out with the old and hopefully into the news

but only for positive views

they say I wouldn’t bust a grape, but I’m known to have the juice

hold up wait I’m confused, but yet amused

with my heart easily bruised and my nightmares running loose

it’s frightening sometimes, that’s why I’m yelling truce

but now I can breathe better because my therapy helps unloosed that noose

my writing will get u drunk like booze

because everything I say is 100 proof

Someone Like U?

I wish I had someone like u

yeah, I think I need someone like u

I mean all my life I’ve been looking for someone like u

if I just had one night with someone like u

I would sing a lullaby and tuck in someone like u

I want to spend the rest of my nights with someone like u

the joy in my eyes reflect someone like u

the reason I write, to impress someone like u

I swear to the heavens that I’ll be blessed with someone like u

my love or more like my devotion, only beats for someone like u

and it’s deeper than any ocean with depths I’m willing to swim for someone like u

even in death, life flashes memories of someone like u

but it’s too bad I can’t really picture someone like u

because my visible flaws block me from…….someone like u


Random Thought

U can’t touch me like a flawless victory

even my dreams are missing me

it’s crazy that people still judge based off your history

I’m living in misery, physically

that’s why I’m going to out shine and show the best of my ability

because the thought of failing is really killing me

and just because I choose not to curse, doesn’t mean I can’t destroy u lyrically

like that road runner, u can’t get rid of me

just because I let my flaws limit me

doesn’t mean that’s the end of me

u got to be kidding me

but people are going to hate, I’ll just dust them off like ceiling debris

I should spiritually go on a killing spree

but nah that just isn’t me

I’ll rather say something that will leave your limbs exposed like a tree

I feel boxed in, rather locked in, can someone help me find the key

my lines never lie, I’m connected to my words like wedding rings, I swear the art got me down on one knee

my flow steady like a stream, hopefully it can move u like a current in the ocean, so for now I guess I’ll sea

they say it takes more than two tries to get something perfect, it’s fate that my name is followed by a three

Her Reflection

In my eyes there were two of u

two identical traces of beautiful

their reflections had me stuck like superglue

and to be honest I’ve been taking medication like I had the flu

but I know what I’m seeing is true, at least I think so, really I don’t have a clue

I was nothing more than a pawn in the game of seduction, but along with other things my curiosity grew

I was dumbfounded, I can see her angelic features in u

and vise versa

their heavenly bodies was what I worship

even though it was 5 in the morning, I was still their knight in our courtship

I didn’t even mind that it was priced at purchase

because at that time it was twice as worth it


If love is what you’re looking for

if love is what you’re hoping for

sorry because love don’t live here

and I’m sorry because I have nothing more to give if it did

love cut so deep, I don’t think I’ll ever heal

and I’m tired of that feeling baby, I’m just trying to keep it real

there’s no time for all that fussing lady, this is how I feel

now you’re crying, huffing and puffing, and cursing again

telling me that I’m lying and asking why I can’t be a better man

I’m whining trying to explain, but u not trying to understand

went thru all this before, I regret the reasons I come again

sorry if I’m not chasing u it’s your feelings, I’m trying to run from them

now be quiet and listen to me lady

ok, maybe I’m being too hasty

but then I remember you’re shady

so from now on I’m Cleveland, you’re Sadie

because if I go any further I’m just driving myself crazy

so basically

if love is what you’re looking for

if love is what you’re hoping for

sorry because love don’t live here

and I’m sorry because I have nothing more to give if it did


April Fools!!

I’m a liar


I like being judged off my attire


I think I’m ready to retire


I’m as skinny as a wire

well, ok maybe a little

nothing but fame is what I’m trying to acquire


I’m trying to get on the cover of esquire


I’m as hot as a campfire

no, wait that’s kind of true

this is harder than I thought


I do this at my convenience, that’s why my lines are store bought


I’m ready to just give up on everything I fought


sometimes I dislike what I write


I think my vices are all right


I like the feeling of being uptight, which often keep me up at night


I like the fact that my future looks bright even in dim light

no, no maybe that’s true again

but I am a thirsty dude, maybe I need sprite


I ‘m as high as a kite


I hope u like what I type


I think I’m an inspiration, well not quite

I’m still trying to excite u, I hope that’s alright