My City

My City

The city where the wind blows non stop where the people are all on bs but somehow we still have arose from Jordan’s shadow where the people unlike lake Michigan are shallow a hard city with buildings erect tall looking similar to castles where gang bangers are cowards just a bunch of cattle but are good with coming up with new words like scrabble if u pass through you’ll see a true beaut one thing I would argue or dispute is the commute because it can sometimes seem like there’s no way to subdue traffic a standstill like a statue after the fire my city slowly began to rebuild and in due time aged like fine wine a sight to see from sides like a diamond from east to west north to south u will encounter interesting people u will see worshipers leaving their steeple not all good though negativity and sin tend to seep through no need to offer that tutorial because its really f***ed up like a glory hole numerous gangs violence u know how the story goes I just keep my eyes closed when I finally get my sight back they call my city Chiraq now what true Chicagoan will like that where innocent families are forced to hold up more frames than a bike rack where fifty schools were written out of the city’s debt we need to overwrite that because education is the only way we can fight back let me not try to fall off track like the el where art dwell and talent in depth like a well that swell with ravishing elegance yea I’m bragging call it arrogance because my city is more than relevant just look at all the evidence I mean how can u get upset with a city that has made a president Chicago will always be my city my home started in 86 and been going strong ever since

2 thoughts on “My City

  1. Awesome pic! Looks wicked there.

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