Random Thought

I have to think about happiness, hakuna matada

while I’m sitting here watching “happy days”, sipping a pina colata

but I stand here hollow like an empty piñata

see, dreams are what I have a lot of

but my nightmares are more vivid, so I have to keep them locked up

haven’t been to sleep in days because that’s when they pop up

but no matter what, because I know i’m going the distance like a shot putt

Random Thought

A little insane, yes

simple and plain, yes

the symbol of pain, yes

can I tickle your brain, just for a sec

I’m wrecked

full of regret

often neglected

but honestly I respect it

because I’m slowly gaining confidence, can u detect it

I did it, no kidding, needed that lesson so I’ll never forget it

I only write what I live

I finally feel my life is right, so thanks is all I have to give



I once knew this model with angelic features like she strolled the catwalk in heaven
She wore my heart like a sash
It read first place prize
I knew I would get her one day
No someday
No sunday
So I rehearsed some pick up lines
But to my surprise she approached me
I’m thinking this can’t be happening
It must be something I just didn’t see
But we conversed anyway
Soon I can realize her true flaw in the traces of perfection
Her personality kept eyeing me
But I was only trying to focus on the two that were staring back at me
I mean can I be the shallow type and just go for looks
No that’s not right, damn conscience
My conscience on nonsense
With my mind made up
Self-consciously trying to speed our sidewalk date up
I told her, “it was nice to meet u”
She gave me her number
Or more like threw it at me, so I caught it like a receiver
Because she can receive this wide….
“No, no don’t start tweaking”
But it was hard because her spell had me thinking or more like dreaming
Can’t visualize too much or else I’ll turn into stone
Got home, thought a little then got into my zone
As I picked up the phone
I said, “hello may I speak to…”
Medusa once so beautiful that even the gods had no choice but to look at her
Turned into a monster who anyone wouldn’t dare to glance
This reminds me of her
Although a goddess, her personality transforms her into a different person
But I chose to look pass that now I’m stuck
I guess I wanted to seduce Medusa

copyright 2014

Random Thoughts

I’m drunk off her love, but have sober thoughts 

a mirage of bliss is what I sought 

rejection hit me like a collage of fists that I fought 

after a series of stolen hearts, she has never been caught 

because her lies and dreams were so desperately bought 

I guess time and the vapors from my papers will overcome this feeling of being distraught 

but it’s greatly appreciated because it will be a painful lesson taught

My Pride

Because of my pride

that’s the answer I always gave when I never replied

the reason why I never really tried

and the only reason why I lied

because of my pride

the reason why I can’t be that bad guy

the reason why I won’t sell u dreams because your body I want to buy

the reason why I didn’t glide inside u like clyde

it’s because of my pride

the reason why u never cried

the reason why I can’t ever be your guide

to that dark place that always made u feel like u died

the reason why our insecurities will never collide

the reason why no feelings will subside

the reason why I will never be in your past and used as a reason to hide

so I can’t be the reason why good guys get denied

it’s because of my pride

now don’t get me wrong, I can say hi

but I struggle with putting the feeling of lust to the side

that’s why I’m so quick in saying goodbye

it’s because of my pride


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Paradise….. Lost (feat realtalented)

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Dare to speak her name 
can’t live without her, a man can really go insane 
I wish I was hooked on her like the dope that goes inside my vein
Because she helps me deal with the constant nonsense that haunts my conscience and brain 
But I’m selfish, I mean society taught me that relationships are a migraine 
In the beginning you’re full of feelings then they slowly start to drain 
So u isolate yourself, using this for protection 
But what u don’t notice is that you’re trapping yourself with those feelings u neglected
Saying that u choose to be alone, and how u respect it 
And now you’re sick but keep thinking it’s gotta be something u ingested
Seems like those feelings u rejected
Matured and now you’re infected 
Just like freedom, its something everyone should be blessed with
I mean it’s sleep to the restless 
Air to breathe…

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Random Thoughts

I just wanna have it all

I wanna be comfortable with every flaw

I wanna be the realest dude u ever saw

I wanna be the one who put u in awe

and shock u so much u can break your jaw

cold as ice, but about to heat up so I can thaw

and don’t get it twisted, I’m not trying to create war, I just wanna expose them raw

these lethal lines should be illegal because I’m sure I’m breaking the law

I know I’m pencil thin, but I can pencil u in and I can barely draw

the weight of my words can bend u and leave u hollow like a straw

my mind is puzzling and twisted like a jigsaw

but I’m fighting to get my life right, boxing southpaw

because I just wanna be the past and the present like a seesaw



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