Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Just in case I don’t get to ring in the new year the proper way with all my WordPress people/friends/followers/readers. I hope everybody have a very safe and enjoyable new year. 2013 was a building year for me and trust me 2014 you’re going to read/see a lot more from me. I currently been working on a poetry ebook that should be available in january 2014. As well as my first spoken word video, along with other things like various short stories. I hope to continue entertaining you in the new year and hope to make stronger bonds. Thank you all for everything, I really appreciate all my followers and readers

Random Thoughts

your ears are what I want to prey on

colorful words like I written them in crayon

these ideas I try to thread to u like rayon

trust me I can throw bullets of knowledge like payton

basically what I’m stating is that I’m amazing

patiently waiting for the correct statement about my greatness

making sure my cadence make sense

my style is always under constant surveillance

these thoughts are laced with dope lines that sits adjacent fem my mind

I can’t believe I let my talent sit in the basement over time

being real is on an all time decline

I wish I could rewind my rhyme

a good tongue lashing is my only true crime

not really trying to get to the top, but just asking how far do I have to climb

I’m shifting as I jive

I move swiftly when I drive

towards that finish line

too late I’m finished, nah I’m lying

I’m just trying to be different and prolific to be specific

I’m a blessing that was re-gifted

hopefully to my fans, may I get a revisit

please don’t judge because I’m lifted

I promise to keep it moving like a piston

see honestly honesty is my mission

just take a listen

realtalented is the best like I was paid to mention

I had some hurdles in my life, most trip and fall, I guess I’m the only exemption

I stand Idly by and watch them string us up with lies, as they slowly lynch us

It’s really crazy, I been stuck but

this is my redemption

to strengthen our comprehension

a somewhat god flow, like a ghetto gospel, watch out for my ascension

Love Song (snippet)

This is our love song

lo lo

ve love

lo lo

ve love

said this is our long song

it was made just for us

more that just lust

strong foundation made from respect and trust

been a pair for half a lifetime and still can’t get enough

my turtle dove

my angel from heaven above

my love

lo lo

ve love

they say that we’re too young

we laugh like that’s dumb

I mean how old do u have to be to know that you’re drunk

the words rolling off the tip of her tongue had me sprung

from making love with the lights on

to writing u love letters to no ink is left, she’s the right one

we’re soaking up our passion like a sponge

I love to see u blush

more than a simple crush

my love

lo lo

ve love

Random Thoughts

I stiff arm haters like I’m battling rigor mortis

in any war I’m more like the tortoise

slow and steady

so I hope you’re ready

u try to act hard until u have that heat put on, then get soft like wet spaghetti

I keep my flow boxed in like a levy

too fly, I ride around in a spaceship like the old school chevy

I act like I’m carefree

though framed as a black figure that’s a little sketchy

all that hate and negativity is really unhealthy

I hope my words swarm your airstream like confetti

I’m a bright star please open up your blinds

If I add up these lines

then multiply my fan base five times

subtract the haters and my divide ends will equal cash

that should sum it up or do we need to do the math

like break it up in halves, fractions

see I’m all aout that action

“realtalented killed it”, should be the caption

amazed should be your reaction

all I spit is sinful hymns

that’s why day to day I try to repent my sins

I sometimes swallow my synonyms and antonyms like m&ms

got a lot to say that’s why I extend my pens

my sentences can cut deep like a razor

I’m fresh to death, I should start wearing blazers

the vapors from the papers got my eyes beaming red like lasers

watch me shock u like a taser

now haters are traced with envy

they try to end me but I keep coming back like that kid off south park, Kenny

see back in the day u pass the remy only if it wasn’t any henny

how u gonna be bull headed with no benny?

how u gonna come to america with no semi?

as long as I can continue to gain the respect from many

then someday, one day my pen will be my emmy

Random Thoughts

Went through life the hard way

my pace varied from day to day

at times my pride had some words to say

because nothing was ever given to me like free throws

since when these so called rappers in quotes

become heroes

something just don’t add up, their a bunch of zeroes

here we go again, let me not start

the last thing I wanted to do is disrespect the art

but c’mon lets be smart

u have to be on point like a dart

I’m allergic to bs, I can see it in the dark

trying to continue on this rod called life, but at a standstill like I’m in park

the dictionary is my park

my style is an acquired taste, so it might be a little tart

I came from street convos. that ended with folk or fin like that of a shark

wait…stop positive thinking

pay attention, no blinking

please don’t make me start drinking

because these sober thoughts got me sinking

the same insane thoughts has got me spinning

I guess the secret is out

my mind games slowly seeping out

the nightmares I keep them out

so I can seek out a better route

hopefully soon I’ll become what u read about

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I don’t like what comes out when I go in

from the inside out I’m maced with sin

laced with hate within

but traced with fate, where do I begin

well I’m unstable but great with the pen

no need to pretend

on a scale from one to ten

I’m at a million to the tenth power of zen

bars toting

scars soaked in lotion

that tar coating my lungs like potion

the stars floating in motion

dehydrated by all this fake s***, but I’m untouchable because I float with truth

I’m anchored to my writing, what’s holding u

my flow deep, lines wavy, I can give u that ocean view

I’m considered as a chosen few

if this was a shrinking pool I guess I’m going to rack up as much as I can, where is my cue

u really trying to out think a fool, u better get a clue

smoke so much green I’m blue

my eyes crimson like the tide of that Alabama crew

u should be used to the usual, this isn’t anything new to u

Guest Post: RealTalented

The Hip Hop Hip

Today’s post is a little different. I asked one of my followers, realtalented to guest post for me. I thought with his unique style of expressing himself, it would be really cool if he could whip up a little somethin’ about fashion for my blog. So here it is, hope you enjoy it…

If u asking about fashion

I’m only grasping it

But laughing

Because I don’t know what happened

Skinny jeans tighter than the tights u wrestle in

Then have the audacity to sag them, damn

It’s embarrassing

But to each his own

I don’t mean to preach but I’m grown

Grown man that’s my tone

Style I wear it like it’s my cologne

Will I conform, probably won’t

Because originality is my home

If I had to choose my fashion will be tattoos

I know people like is that really what u would say if they…

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