This is crazy how I’m sharing with u what made me now I’m using u my audience my followers to change me let me explain see I never shared any of these words I never showed how my mind fly like birds trust me I’m lucky to have followers who read how I make my point and not rush me how I take a number two on conformity and a number one on society but u all choose not to flush me I told u all that I don’t talk much and u didn’t hush me a lost for words because with all I said so far u didn’t judge me been real since day one and it’s not even half of what I been through not even half of what I have I’m not bragging because instead of crying I laugh I’m glad that my followers divide their day to add me in sum subtract bs and others multiply respect that’s what I call good math so thank u words can’t describe how thankful I am it’s really inspiring this feeling will never get tiring thank u for the console without the wiring thank u for reading following and the comments 1000 views is a true accomplishment so stay tuned because I’m not retiring not just yet and I promise u that u won’t feel an ounce of regret

6 thoughts on “1000 views

  1. No, thank you!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I hope you never stop writing! I hope that’s a promise note, jejejeje. Keep telling it how it is, what you think, how you feel I’m sure many you think don’t care , Do! Even those around you at home, outside, family n friends you may be shy, but you got a lot to say and there are many ears, hearts and minds that would like you to know we care, atleast I do, so keep it coming, since the first day I always have had faith in your, TALENT cause that is you yeah you got it right, real talent. Way to go on your views!!! Luv it!! 😀

  3. I also see a great talent. Writing your emotions and trying to make sense of being young and unsure will someday be treasures for you… perhaps an idea for a book! Nicholas Sparks was very young and such an old soul as he began writing. You should go on his site and read his story. It is inspiring! God gifted you with a talent that I hope you keep using! 1000 views is just the beginning!
    God Bless you.

    • actually i was think about writing a series of short stories….i really appreciate everything u said because it really means a lot….i enjoy reading your work and will continue to do so if there’s anything u want to say or ask me please don’t hesitate

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