Random Thoughts

I eat it up just to heat it yup then take u home and beat it up was my first thought when I first saw her so I told her keep it up because I have more than a half in this Remy cup a straight shooter so trust me when I say my semi’s tucked now my mind is going a thousand miles a minute and I didn’t even say wassup told her I was the quiet type she said like a ninja as she sat grinding on me and made my wood stand up in my waistband like a nunchuck she told me about her life her kids and how apparently her boyfriend is a schmuck but all I was thinking was pure smut complete lust so I told her what she wanted to hear gave her my trust the feeing was so nuts I mean baby making music playing nice vibe and right as I’m feeling like I’m about to erupt all of a sudden she said time is up so I lost twenty bucks and felt even with no penetration I still got f***ed then slowly regained my composure and began to reconstruct 

3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I absolutely love this 👏👏

  2. holy shit this is good!

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