Random Thoughts

I like what I do, and what I like to do is write

no wrong doings here because all I try to do is right

this dark hue that surrounds me comes from a blue light

I assumed twice that this year would be quite heavy on my shoulders, but so far it’s way too light

maybe I should retreat instead of fight

or maybe I should act all zoo like

after peeking so many years out the chicken coop, I finally took flight

unbound to release my sound to my hometown

my talent I wear it like a crown

my words can dress u like a night gown

how can u stand up for something u believe in when u lying down

maybe I should write this down

there’s no fear, hear me, my message is so clear

I’m sincerely gifted, my tears r not yet visible to my peer

I let the pain sink in like raindrops in the ocean, as I draw near the pier

they can try to depict my life, but as u can see I’m still here

I’m buzzed like light year

my normal life I curse too much, but when I write I don’t curse enough

maybe it’s the sudden rush I get whenever I crumble buds to dust, then puff

I sit and think

while I wait for my high to hit it’s peak

my flow so steady, I can drown u within my leak

27 and going strong check the proof, check out my streak

my aspirations are sky high, I mean really steep

they can resemble a mountain top to a person scared of heights, dare to take a leap

I don’t mean to preach, but

I’m tired of schooling people so I guess Ill teach huh

because my lessons always come with the facts u seek, trust

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Before u go let me kiss u again

please don’t give me the chance to miss u again

lets lay together and enjoy bliss again

let me enjoy that look when you’re pissed again

our relationship been war but I’m willing to enlist again

no more arguing, no more of your words to twist again

your heart I want to lift again

but u leave me hanging off that cliff again

asking myself if love exist again

if our bond will rip again

if those ugly words will come out those sexy lips again

drunk off your lust, dare do I sip again

honestly I don’t know if I can resist again

because being lonely sucks, if I may insist again

so I lie to myself and ask what’s the risk again

it’s not like she’ll let things drift again

who am I kidding, I should just wish again

right after I smoke this spliff again

and hopefully this time I walk away and not trip again

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A Song for Her (snippet)

There’s nothing I wont do for u

no no no

ooo ooo ooo

and I just want to love u too

and be with u, it’s whatever boo

u can see that I want u in my life

because I treat u like you’re already my wife

this lost soul finally has light

used to be all alone now I hold u all night

when I hold u tight in my arms, I’m so high it’s like I just took flight

I left all the other ones in search for miss right

she’s my sunshine, and I’m her knight

making up is all I want to do with u instead of fight

because our love is strong and oh so bright

trust me there’s nothing I wont do for u




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Happy Valentines Day (After Dark Edition)

She whispers in my ear, “I’m going to deflower u”

Right before I told her, I’m going to devour u”

She hoped that I wasn’t misguided

Then this miss guided me to her room

As I go down, her legs split

My hands grip her hips

As my lips tenderly kiss her clit

She starts leaking as she muffles,

“Damn how wet am I going to get before u hit, ooh s*** that’s my spot don’t quit”

She’s rubbing her upper thigh while I make my tongue dip

I’m inside her, I can taste her then she screams and backs away a little bit

But I chased her

I went over the alphabets, I even traced her

I soon stopped and faced her

Since she started turning up the base more

She quickly mash my face inside her screaming, “more!!”

I was in too deep I could hear her walls talking

This was music to my ears

So I continued dribbling through her legs, she started calling me spalding

I was erected and throbbing

I could hear her labia jawing, “are u done stalking!!?”

Copyright 2014

This is part one of an erotica poem I tried. The second part is included in my collection of poetry, which is now available.


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My angel, I thank the lord for choosing to restore u

I adore u

I’m willing to work this out, let me employ u

your body is out this world, let me explore u

I’ll keep your attention baby I promise, let them other dudes bore u

I’m not trying to annoy u or destroy u

I want to steal your heart, not because I’m a thief but because I’m loyal

never want to give u the blues baby, but I want to treat u like you’re royal

my beautiful flower, lets grow together here I have the soil

I’ll give u my heart and my time, can’t u see that I just want to spoil u

you’re not a princess because a queen is more u

please I promise everything I said is the sworn truth

and to think I used to be too proud to beg, I guess there’s nothing more for me to prove



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