U say u love her
but u don’t trust her
plus u barely know her
drunk in love, but u sober
she wants to make up
but u just want to come over
u get called names
because u don’t want to hold her
eventually your heart grows colder
she cries, u don’t even offer your shoulder
drunk in love, but u sober
so now you’re drinking, scared of what u told her
that’s when u realized, that love bug bite was more like a cobra
because she treats u like she’s supposed to
once left hopeless but she makes u hopeful
u can’t fight the fact that your high standards might get lowered
drunk in love, but u sober
now you’re thinking of a way to control her
u don’t want to repeat the past, so u press fast forward
too late though, u were already under her spell but didn’t ask for it
you’re mad because u keep tripping without a passport
so u take shots to numb the pain, but u don’t have the cash for it
right then reality hit hard, like u collided with the dashboard
the only thing u can picture now is regret like a poster
drunk in love, but u sober