Random Thought

Way back when we were macking and smashing

laughing and cracking

but no more of that action

now that you’re packing

no more asking what happened

even though u were acting

but I’m the one tripping, ain’t nobody mapping

she’s mad, she’s constantly tapping

her emotions keep stacking

which was followed by on going nagging

u never used to act like this back then

she say a heart was what I was lacking

but you’ll be back following me like I’m your captain

she got mad and started bashing

looking like she about to shoot and I’m the basket

she said I will never be king again, I guess I’m jack then

took a breath and refrained from japping

because she knew how to push my buttons like it was her knack then

a weakness among most back men

but I ate every word like I was snacking

I just gave her a round of applause, yup I started clapping

that’s when she started smacking

I left her while her lips were still flapping

then gave her two fingers like I was gang flagging

so in this instance who u think was over reacting


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Happy New Year

Hello my fellow WordPress family first off Happy New Year I hope everyone is doing well. I apologize for being away from u all for so long but I’ve been working on a few projects. A couple of these projects include, the first short story from my collection of short stories. As well as a few skits and an entrepreneurial project. This year will be a hectic one but I can’t wait. I promise to keep my WP family updated with every move I make so stay tuned. Let me come back in a sort of big way, check out the first recordings of the new year. I hope u all enjoy