Random Thought

I quote potent scriptures like a reverend
my will is real, call me will because I am legend
maybe that’s a long shot, but I can measure
I just want to shine, so I’m going to keep showing u my hidden treasure
they say I’m misunderstood, but honestly I never met her
how I’m too cold, they think I should sweater
no coogi or izod though, I’m just trying to be cool so it’s more like a sweatshirt
but it seems that something is always storming no matter the weather
now, I would never say I’m the best but sometimes I feel that shoe fits me better
but I don’t stand alone, my achievements raise hope so hopefully we’ll rise up together
it’s crazy this society string us up with so many lies until it’s hard to break the tether
that’s why I think I’m different in every texture
excuse me for this lecture
fame, yup I reject her
pain, comes from all the pressure
peace, I wish I could catch her
this wordsmith want to put his worship on every surface like a projector
I finally bare the fruits of the spirit so it’s only right I enjoy the nectar


Peace Fest

Hopefully, this summer will be one to remember
peace fest, yeah I’m attending, hopefully it’ll be in august or september
peace fest hopefully can delete stress
hopefully it can ease this pest that sits on my back and rest
but I digress
peace fest hopefully will blind lies
and unwind evil ties
peace fest hopefully will legalize
maybe not, but it’s something u may soon realize
peace fest where real lies
in the same ground this city was founded, but we’re so bounded because no one tries
the sound of negativity surround us like subwoofers blasting about how someone dies
Chicago a city of wind and so many unfortunate mothers’ cries
see that’s why this peace fest is needed, to show that through art, a crumbled city can rise
c’mon, avert your ears and eyes
this concert and comfort your lives
so the next time u chill guys
make sure when u do, u do at peace fest

Random Thought

Trying to get more numbers accounted for, my accountant can’t even count them
but not in the spotlight though, that’s nonsense
I just want to be an inspiration, I want to be known for giving a positive conscience
I guess it started when I first left earth, yeah I’m far gone and haven’t been back since
been tripping a lot lately, but haven’t packed since
I hope this make sense
but then again I’m not whole, so I don’t have enough to make cents
I hold too much in like I have no air vents
I throw shade because I avoid the spotlight like tents
I just want to own some comfort, because I don’t like to rent
I think I sin too much to the point it’s pointless to repent
plus I never got a response from that letter heaven sent
I mean am I wrong for not being her superman, sorry no clark kent
is it selfish to want to get more butt than a park bench
I been hurt, that’s why my words are so cold from my heart that’s drenched
these nightmares are squeezing the life out of me, but I’m confused because I feel every pinch
that’s why I’m trying to fix my life with no tool box, just a wrench
I feel like I’m losing this fight, let me slow things down, that’s why I’m leaning and holding on my future like a clench
just giving up is bullsh*t, excuse the stench
If u think I’m just another statistic, u got me f***ed up, excuse my french