I have a lot of dreams, none that can every come true it seem
So far fetched, but not greed
All I want is a good read
Not a follower at all, but since no one is taking control, I guess I’ll lead
An ill gotten seed
Still immature but trying to grasp a better scene 
Inspired to be an inspiration
But tired of the discrimination
I’m trying to be less timid because that’s a limitation
Past arguments about my stand on assimilation
I just feel what’s real shouldn’t be an imitation
I just want to be comfortable
With a foundation that’s supportable
A future bright enough that these dreams seem more affordable
Determined to make success portable
These tears of hard work are finally pouring true
This is all I do
Dream dream dream
Making sure I have a mean that mean more than just making means
When I’m up stressed out I fall back and dream
Worth more cream than any material thing
No matter if you’re a single being or a street team
Never lay them down, stand up for your dream
Let’s show a king how we all dream

Alter Ego

I’m just being honest, no future

the pain in my veins feels like I’m having trouble with a suture

but I’m steady flexing on them like lex luger

no need to size me up because I’m already a ruler

don’t let the cool guy fool u

I keep these fiends clucking like a rooster

nowadays everybody want that top seat but come up short, they need a booster

I swear my nightmares come to life, freddy kruger

these lines so cold they’ll cool u like a cooler

u can try to change the game until they owe u, like a sooner

but see I want to eclipse the game, no lunar

now the game can rest in my shadow, that the rumor

I use my words to humor u

but can cause more damage than a tumor do

I feel my life is empty like a hoola hoop

I don’t know how I come up with such crazy lines, guess I’m coo coo

I know I look harmless like a poodle do

but I have no problem showing u what this uzi do

hold up let me switch it up like a rubiks cube

excuse the attitude

I apologize if I’m coming off a little rude

I feel like I’m falling apart, the stress got me a little unglued

I’m at a point where I don’t know who is who and that’s not usual

get treated like a dog, I guess I’m another misunderstood pit-bull

I’m such a square because I’m so closed up, like its cool

yeah, I been a fool

then I grew up and learned how to change

yeah, I been to school

success over everything, yeah that been the rule

I’m swimming with ideas, so 2015 will be my pool

Happy New Year

Hello all, first off Happy New Year to my wordpress fam. Second, sorry I’ve been m.i.a for awhile but I bring u, not one but at least three updates. Staying busy has been the process over these past few months and it has produced the final version of my book of poetry. For a physical copy go here¬†http://www.blurb.com/b/5477274-pieces-from-my-sanity Sorry for the plug lol. Also this summer I will produce my first short story of a series of short stories, so I hope y’all can check that out. Ive also been working on my entrepreneurial skills to produce a new but very useful product this fall. Finally, Im back on here producing new poetry and new random thoughts, as well as updates on my upcoming projects. I hope I can share another year with u all so please stay tuned.