My angel, I thank the lord for choosing to restore u

I adore u

I’m willing to work this out, let me employ u

your body is out this world, let me explore u

I’ll keep your attention baby I promise, let them other dudes bore u

I’m not trying to annoy u or destroy u

I want to steal your heart, not because I’m a thief but because I’m loyal

never want to give u the blues baby, but I want to treat u like you’re royal

my beautiful flower, lets grow together here I have the soil

I’ll give u my heart and my time, can’t u see that I just want to spoil u

you’re not a princess because a queen is more u

please I promise everything I said is the sworn truth

and to think I used to be too proud to beg, I guess there’s nothing more for me to prove



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15 thoughts on “Please?

  1. You should be song writer

  2. This should be a song.

  3. damn this is tight, peace love and respect

  4. Love exposes his vulnerability. Nice work.

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