Random Thoughts

I like what I do, and what I like to do is write

no wrong doings here because all I try to do is right

this dark hue that surrounds me comes from a blue light

I assumed twice that this year would be quite heavy on my shoulders, but so far it’s way too light

maybe I should retreat instead of fight

or maybe I should act all zoo like

after peeking so many years out the chicken coop, I finally took flight

unbound to release my sound to my hometown

my talent I wear it like a crown

my words can dress u like a night gown

how can u stand up for something u believe in when u lying down

maybe I should write this down

there’s no fear, hear me, my message is so clear

I’m sincerely gifted, my tears r not yet visible to my peer

I let the pain sink in like raindrops in the ocean, as I draw near the pier

they can try to depict my life, but as u can see I’m still here

I’m buzzed like light year

my normal life I curse too much, but when I write I don’t curse enough

maybe it’s the sudden rush I get whenever I crumble buds to dust, then puff

I sit and think

while I wait for my high to hit it’s peak

my flow so steady, I can drown u within my leak

27 and going strong check the proof, check out my streak

my aspirations are sky high, I mean really steep

they can resemble a mountain top to a person scared of heights, dare to take a leap

I don’t mean to preach, but

I’m tired of schooling people so I guess Ill teach huh

because my lessons always come with the facts u seek, trust

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10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. You are exactly what your blog name indicates, “real talented”! Love your writing! Cher xo

  2. I like the flow of this. Kind of rapping. Back in the 70’s and 80’s when I smoked I use to puff and write too. They use to be my best work. Now I write my best when I wake up in the middle of the night/morning.

  3. Love this. Wow amazing!

  4. maybe it’s the sudden rush I get whenever I crumble buds to dust, then puff

    I sit and think

    ^ these lines remind me of my most recent poem of today. well done. Keep going.

  5. I really like your work. I’ve been reading and you are really a talented artist. Do you rap as well?

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