I’m sitting here laughing happily at the tragedy

knowing deep down it just flattened me

and it’s sad to see that this pain keeps grabbing me

and pulling me toward like gravity

my bones crackling

see I guess oxygen isn’t the only thing I’m lacking

my spine torn from the back of me

as my veins and capillaries are collapsing rapidly

I lie about this feeling that’s wrapping me

maybe the truth is in the packaging

I can’t take this permanent sensation of someone stabbing me

only if magically I could find a way to numb this pain that keeps nagging me

distracting me

what savagery

15 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Such an interesting and flowing write. I had to read it a few times because the flow was so smooth I missed words.

  2. this should be the spirit!
    take care.

  3. Such melancholy. Grabbing read.

  4. A lot of raw pain. Your words cut with the agony.

  5. I can feel where you are coming from as I’ve been suffering back pain for more than 2 years now. Thanks for sharing those words.

  6. Raw, honest, gritty, true. I love this. Keep up the great work! Thanks for following my blog and leading me to yours!

  7. You paint the picture well

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