Random Thoughts

I’m drunk off her love, but have sober thoughts 

a mirage of bliss is what I sought 

rejection hit me like a collage of fists that I fought 

after a series of stolen hearts, she has never been caught 

because her lies and dreams were so desperately bought 

I guess time and the vapors from my papers will overcome this feeling of being distraught 

but it’s greatly appreciated because it will be a painful lesson taught

A Song for Her (snippet)

There’s nothing I wont do for u

no no no

ooo ooo ooo

and I just want to love u too

and be with u, it’s whatever boo

u can see that I want u in my life

because I treat u like you’re already my wife

this lost soul finally has light

used to be all alone now I hold u all night

when I hold u tight in my arms, I’m so high it’s like I just took flight

I left all the other ones in search for miss right

she’s my sunshine, and I’m her knight

making up is all I want to do with u instead of fight

because our love is strong and oh so bright

trust me there’s nothing I wont do for u




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