Before u go let me kiss u again

please don’t give me the chance to miss u again

lets lay together and enjoy bliss again

let me enjoy that look when you’re pissed again

our relationship been war but I’m willing to enlist again

no more arguing, no more of your words to twist again

your heart I want to lift again

but u leave me hanging off that cliff again

asking myself if love exist again

if our bond will rip again

if those ugly words will come out those sexy lips again

drunk off your lust, dare do I sip again

honestly I don’t know if I can resist again

because being lonely sucks, if I may insist again

so I lie to myself and ask what’s the risk again

it’s not like she’ll let things drift again

who am I kidding, I should just wish again

right after I smoke this spliff again

and hopefully this time I walk away and not trip again

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27 thoughts on “Again

  1. Seriously diggin’ the realness here

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