Happy Valentines Day (After Dark Edition)

She whispers in my ear, “I’m going to deflower u”

Right before I told her, I’m going to devour u”

She hoped that I wasn’t misguided

Then this miss guided me to her room

As I go down, her legs split

My hands grip her hips

As my lips tenderly kiss her clit

She starts leaking as she muffles,

“Damn how wet am I going to get before u hit, ooh s*** that’s my spot don’t quit”

She’s rubbing her upper thigh while I make my tongue dip

I’m inside her, I can taste her then she screams and backs away a little bit

But I chased her

I went over the alphabets, I even traced her

I soon stopped and faced her

Since she started turning up the base more

She quickly mash my face inside her screaming, “more!!”

I was in too deep I could hear her walls talking

This was music to my ears

So I continued dribbling through her legs, she started calling me spalding

I was erected and throbbing

I could hear her labia jawing, “are u done stalking!!?”

Copyright 2014

This is part one of an erotica poem I tried. The second part is included in my collection of poetry, which is now available.


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20 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day (After Dark Edition)

  1. Oh my. I’m too young to read this. This sizzling.

  2. Your use of imagery with this piece is really good. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. One of my favorites so far.

  4. LUSTY!! Nice.

    -Shanice Nicole

    • whaaat long time no hear from lol….how are u…and thanks shanice

      • Lol! I know, I was thinking the same thing! I clearly have been slacking on my blog BIG TIME smh. I am involved in a lot of things now. I also entertainment blog now for whatshotinhiphop.com and my job requires a lot of travel so it has been hard to keep up with everything. I def. plan on getting back on the she is NOT a poet grind soon enough. 🙂

        I see you are over there handling business though! I love the new work you have up. “Real talented” was def. a wise choice when it comes to your work! How is Chi Town?

      • thats wassup I like to see one’s progression in their endeavors…and thanks I really do appreciate that. Chi town right now is cold and windy

  5. I’m late..but damn, Lol! I love reading erotica!

  6. Wow! Yeah, I’m late too but this is real talented. I’m uber thrilled by all I’ve read so far. Keep up the talent Cleave… And thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  7. That’s It! I’m a fan… haaaa

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