Random Thoughts

What I write

is my life

and I’ll strike

if I have to, it’s only right

if for only one night

I was like mike, but with a mic

where I recite some insight before it takes flight

it might seem like I have a big head, but not at all

although within my talent exuding, it’s hard to call

down to earth, u can still see the scars from when I fall

not too big on fame, so the only hall I want to walk is the hall to evolve

my voice is my gun, as words and verbs revolve

your mind giving u a list of problems for u to solve

and I’ll admit when I’m false

like this verbose assault

yeah that’s my fault

but I can’t stop

even if it might cost me a future

that’s cool because my past was way cooler

I’m sizing up the competition, where’s my ruler

just consider me as your tutor

if you’re not following yet just let me words recruit u

let me expose u to something you’re not used to

especially when my confidence covers me like garments, lets see how it suits u

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