Random Thoughts

I’m thankful for my “fam”

I’m thankful for my fans

I’m thankful for my hands

to write what is my life when given a chance

I’m thankful for God allowing me to dance on this earth

which seemed like I was prancing at first

I’m thankful for WordPress for letting u glance at my work

I’m thankful for my past

it made me stronger like a limb with a cast

I’m thankful for being an outcaste

I’m thankful for the right I was given to broadcast my forecast

I’m thankful for the way I was raised

and the tracks my parents paved

I’m thankful the word misunderstood being engraved in my skin

I’m thankful for these sentences that’s making those people judging, to think again

I’m thankful just to be thankful

I’m thankful that I can soar in the clouds like an angel

I’m thankful that this fire hasn’t left its candle

Thank you, seriously thank you

Happy Turkey Day

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Peace to you my friend. Great poem. Wonderful.

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