Random Thoughts

As she screams I tell her to say my name, she yelled “oh Jesus” 

I said, “stop playing u know my name Cleveland 

as I continue to beat her, passionately 

I dont mistreat her 

my third arm extended like I was trying to reach her 

she gave me head knowledge, but I was her teacher 

plus she was willing to stay after class, she was a keeper 

when I touch that spot she start shaking like a seizure 

so I tease her 

then try to ease her at my leisure 

I tell her I just want to freak her 

caked up like I need a baker 

a woman that can be professional and clean but when she in bed she scream like Anita Baker 

but she was neither all three so I chose to leave her

now all I do is write when I left 

jotting down these naughty lyrics hoping women will undress 

sorry if this was too much to ingest 

but it was just a test

apparently my thoughts had me under arrest 


27 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Well I didn’t undress but I had to fan myself a bit 😉 awesome write

  2. Well DAMN!! lol. Got me feeling some type of way (rich homie quan voice) lol. Nicely put together.

    -Shanice Nicole

  3. how would you like to receive this version….it’s almost ready…

  4. interesting shift in the poem at the line that begins with “a woman.” takes on a different tone. you take the reader on a short ride and end up apologizing. –just an observation! nice.

  5. Amazing. Nice imagery. It played like a short film. I could almost feel the sexual tension. Good job.

  6. I love it king! That was Wicked! Thank you Good to see my Home City Chicago! Really Talented king! Thanks for the Follow!

  7. Well I’ll be damn…

    Your post never seize to entertain me, or make me smile
    Thank you

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