Random Thoughts

I tried being her superman but she left me broken and paralyzed like mr. reeves

that’s why I sift those trees and breathe

I mean, only good things I did, rarely told her no 

spoiled her for the right reasons

but catch an attitude if I didn’t give anything that show

how low, but then again I was an amateur at this love thing

she was a pro

felt like I was buying her worth

but what did I know, as long as I didn’t get hurt

because honestly she was the first attempt

at that love thing, maybe I was rushing

and to think all those crushes I had didn’t prepare me for this kind of crushing

all that time spent, just to end up with nothing

I guess that sums up false hope

all that working, just to end up broke  

I’m starting to think this love stuff is a hoax



It’s like poetic justice when it’s just us addicts to the love rush which is similar to a gun bust when we touch as cupid revolved around us we evolved far beyond “love bugs” but it’s crazy that I can say things like this and not know what love is but I know what trust is and I had faith that she would straighten me up as I sit here adjusted I know what lust is when I look at her the sudden urge to get drunk off her I know I’m stalling but isn’t that saying something if I don’t drink but yet willing to become an alcoholic she had me um what u call it, “whipped” well the fact that I called her master made it more symbolic so did I do the right thing when I ran away because deep down I’m no slave maybe it’s a phase but then again that’s kinda how I was raised then realized it’s not love because the only thing I was in love with was what she gave oh well I guess I have to restart this love game which was more like a maze to me everyday I’m amazed to see how depraved this society can be

Random Thoughts

The words I disburse into a verse will grow on u as I unearth this curse Chicago my turf south side since birth I’m going to surf this new wave of attention they paying attention like I’m selling a dream a true write fiend and yeah I got that c.r.e.a.m. it’s in me like an ulcer but replace the cash with culture this is my art my sculpture but I can change it up like I’ll leave u decorated with metals to your chest like a soldier but that’s in the basement we just started this tour welcome this is my living room foyer I told u about the house I’m in but this was just a taste my friend so I hope u tune in because I want all eyes on me I even want your peripherals to zoom in……ok lets resume lets begin



So today I thought I would try something new. Introducing my random pics of the day. I’ll just call them kenny lofton pics, because they are completely left field.

Today’s pic: My first tattoo, got it when I was 18 years old. It’s two hands holding a bible and my first and favorite scripture in the bible, Philippians 4:13 which reads “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Random Thought

A little simplistic how sadistic my mind works they say if u can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen and honestly that’s I’m pitching I’m slowly trying to loosen these lines that leave my brain in stitching I’m giving thanks for this thanksgiving they ask me how many lessons are u giving I say as long as they can respect talent it’s a given I’m stuck in a lyrical prison I hope I never see outside society that is they said it’s nonlethal I say more like poison that is exploding and corroding into pieces think I’m joking this heavy potion got me going posing as a writer but really a weirdo but that’s ok I’m still my own hero I write free verse but can create stanzas that resemble simple codes from nintendo I only pretend though hopefully you will be able to read my work on a kindle hold on I changed my mind I paid minds to pay attention but I never paid anything for my lines so pay attention or else I’m going to send u to detention u can read my lyrics, that’s the first step to prevention next u study them, that should be your intention then u will soon realize that the meditation from my lesson brings less tension I’m doing this for your own good there’s no pension real talk grown man status seriously no kidding I like being different