Random Thoughts

I’m a peaceful dude

with the pen I’m a lethal dude

when I go in

with sick lyrics that will leave u with the measles

I have more scriptures than a cathedral

see I’m willing to help people

because even with all the talent and attention, I have an immature ego

sometimes I wish I could fast forward real life like TiVo

I’ll stop it on game seven for the championship as I make the game winning free-throw

I’m going to succeed regardless the profession

whether it be business owner, writer, poet, or author as long as it gives me progression

talented, who u telling

it’s truly a blessing

I wish I could hit that high note on my words like a reverend

so it can get through to u like excrement, when u start digesting it

if I’m not good, I’m at least equivalent

naw that’s ignorant

and the fact that I might be a little arrogant, is irrelevant

because this isn’t even a taste of how bold I can get

see I’m not that innocent

and incase you’re trying to size me up, a 34 is my measurement

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. Nice… smack ’em down with words. Aside from our minds, the own is our most deadly weapon.

  2. the pen!!! Haha..not the own!!!! Damn smart phone! :/

  3. Positive thinking will get you to where you want to go and where you belong.

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