42 thoughts on “kenny lofton pic of the day

  1. i think it’s supposed to snow here in jersey as well…or so i heard. it’s a bit warm for that to happen though. oh well. enjoy the snow unless u hate it x

    • i don’t love it or like it for that matter…so thanks for throwing that it’s warm where u are out there haha

      • oh it’s not warm, just too warm for it to snow. and i don’t particularly like snow either. makes driving a bitch…and everything else basically

      • yeah it kinda sucks

      • the snow is pretty at christmastime though. having a white christmas and all…and snow is good for skiing/snowboarding…what are u up to

      • yeah that’s true….im chilling…what about u

      • listening to a killers cover and procrastinating. i have to send this college application but i’m just lazy

      • stop playing and go ahead and handle that

      • nah i feel like chatting

      • oh…i’m mad u got me wanting a cookie low key haha

      • lol then go get a cookie. i would share some of mine with you but i don’t feel like driving through the snow in chicago 😉

      • haha….

      • what’s with the ellipsis…yknw…the dots…

      • thats how i talk haha, nah i don’t know maybe to be different…..

      • well i use them too but not after “haha” lol but whatever i’m being nit-picky now
        okay college app done and submitted whoo

      • thats wassup, so what colleges are u thinking about attending?…if i may ask

      • i’ve been looking at mostly private, city schools. dc, nyc…i just got into rutgers the other day. that’s a state school in nj…i really love it though. it’s one of the top research universities, has tons of majors…and a women’s residential college that is similar to the relationship barnard college has with columbia university. i was favoring barnard for a long while but it was really stressing me out…spent more days crying over the damn thing it was terrible. i hate crying, dont ever cry. but i was crying daily cuz of the damn application so..i’m still gonna apply to barnard but in january.
        but rutgers may be a better fit for me. i didn’t cry once over the app, i already got in, and it’s at least 30 grand cheaper than barnard.

      • aww ok well congratulations, what are u going to be studying

      • thank u 🙂 well wherever i attend school i definitely want to study women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. i don’t know if i want to double major or minor in that though. i like the idea of double majoring that with political science or economics but i’m unsure which i would like. i’m taking econ now and it’s okay…poly sci i’m a bit scared of but i’m eager to try it out. i like learning

      • interesting..thats good that u like to learn reminds me of a quote i made up

      • u can’t leave me hanging…what’s the quote?

      • “any man/woman can get by but an educated man/woman will succeed”

      • i like that…i like quotes but i never know what to do with them. do u just…look them up if you’re sad or do you…write them down and hang them up or do you…just remember them. idk. my one friend oz sends me all these cool pics with quotes…i just save them to my phone. use them as my background but otherwise idk what to do with them. i’m probably thinking too much into this lol oh well

      • well that one is tattooed on me haha

      • u should post a pic of that one later 🙂 so you have a lot of them?

      • yeah i was thinking that would the next tat pic. so far i only have 15 but I’m still going

      • do you know what you want the next one to be of?

      • yeah i know my next 3 tattoos: an eye viewing the process of a butterfly coming out of its cocoon on my right tricep, an angel on her knees crying on the back of my neck, and a dedication to Chicago on my ribs

      • they sound cool…do you draw them up or do you just…think of them?

      • i just think of them. my imagination is crazy…what about u do u have any

      • no…i would like some but i don’t know what to get. then i have to decide where to get it. and it would probably have to be somewhere that i can easily hide since my parents wouldn’t be too happy if they found out and the dumb but true argument that employers don’t favor tattoos…i would like a few though. one day. like big ones too.
        until then i shall just pierce things since that is not a permanent decision at all lol

      • aw, how many piercings do u have

      • lol not that many right now. i have 6…well technically five. i have an industrial bar so that’s two holes for one earring…all my piercings are in my ears still. i used to have decent-sized gauges but my parents did not like that…thing is i’m into the whole body modification stuff it kinda sucks being bossed around. but things will change soon enough then i can be as “freaky” as i please haha

      • haha

      • 🙂 well thanks for the chat cleveland i’m off to bed have a good rest of your night xx

      • no problem anytime. thank u u too

  2. It was supposed to snow in NJ also but it ended up just being freezing cold!

    I think the Winter is one of the main reason I will NOT move to Chicago. Despite the negative attention it gets, I really like it out there. I think it is a beautiful City. (At least where I stayed downtown, right near the bean!)

    But that’s craziness smh. I have to go there for a week in January for a program with my job, so I’m hoping it’s not too bad.

    I guess that’s why they call it “The Windy City?” lol.

    -Shanice Nicole

  3. love the snow, great photo, thanks for sharing, love to you from Bonny Scotland. Clarabelle

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