Random Thought

See I’m the type to leave your brain right along side your coffin just so u can try to think outside the box used to get into a lot of trouble but it never stuck because I was sly like a fox no more warning shots see u the type to go home and copy rap u copycat that’s why your style is crap and out dated u might as well take your floppy back since when did music turn into weightlifting, now they can spot u a track I guess I’m the only one who has a problem with that the industry is like a cheat whore I’ll have my way with her then never her call back not the marrying type u know how the saying goes so I don’t see how others consider her their wife I’m reminded by that other saying about their life and how it ends with a knife and I’ll be honest smoking is my only vice I like the irony something good is considered bad, how something is perfectly imperfect, how I’m empty yet fulfilled, I’m happily repressed they say it’s backwards well I regret acceptance, I never waited on patience, and I’m the strongest weak minded person you’ll ever meet I don’t judge but to others it’s something worst that’s bs I curse this because I’m a mistake done on purpose I hear rebuilding hurt though told u I have more lines than plaid I guess that’s that’s food for thought even if I have to force feed u I hope u don’t gag    

5 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. You don’t have to force feed me! I can eat this in gulps!

  2. Haha.. This is a nice diss still..

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