Random Thought

Random Thought

My Halloween started with nightmare on elm street as Freddy chased me through my dreams when I sleep those long claws in which to slash but move over for that psycho with a hockey mask Jason an indestructible mass fueled by anger as he tries to decapitate anyone he can then what I thought wouldn’t be so bad made me look at bees from a different glass candyman got me but I was stuck on child’s play a demonic toy which seemed too real I didn’t care what people say a doll killing people I’m not going to lie I had trouble with this moving on to killer clowns how can anyone forget IT teleporting around with blood filled balloons as a trick I’ll admit I was scared as s*** when the fear was gone from all but one, my lips are zipped hey sis, I watched this camp stories flick about some chick putting firecrackers in campers’ noses when they sleep from that day on I gave up on any camping trip then started watching tales from the crypt where a ghoul whose laugh encrypt my script with the older I get a little upset that there’s no good scary movies no more but what u expect no disrespect I just wanted to share this with u before I forget

13 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. All of those movies give me nightmares, while asleep and awake…so I find that I can’t do that aspect of Halloween. It works for some, but not me for it becomes too real for me. What a colorful and frightening picture you painted for me, I now must go think of rainbows, kittens, and happy things. πŸ˜‰ Happy Halloween!

  2. Love how you incorporated all the different Halloween Movies! Feels like Halloween now lol.

  3. Love how festive you seemed to be πŸ™‚ I agree with u. Modern scary movies aren’t that great. I still get scared lol but the plots are lame

  4. Great how you wrote that! The older movies were definitely more creep up your spine and cringe sort of thing!

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