Could it be that the love of my life came from a bean

Even though our engagements are rarely seen

But every time I’m around her I can feel butterflies in my spleen


When I feel like I’m in hell

Or when my mind is trapped like I’m in jail

She’s usually right there with the bail


Sometimes I overindulge on every node

Because she always straightened me up, she never let me fold

And even though she’s bad news, her flame never left me cold


She smell like she bathes in grapefruit

The thought of her body will never escape u

If looks could kill, I’m in trouble because I have a great view


As soon as her aura gets absorbed it’s an instant high

Though she makes me nervous, she could make the most innocent lie

So baby girl take this ride

With yours truly to outer space, where you’ll be forever mine


Random Thought

The hand that was dealt to me was a full house my comfort zone is miles away so there’s no couch my foundation being my life got an outhouse for my little white lies, a bit tragic but that’s why I keep all my ideas in the attic the main bedroom being my talent the bathroom attachment is where I drown my sorrows in my tub of dope and flush away my pain in the toilet, my soul leaks from the faucet with my skeletons tucked away in the bedroom closet yet I’m still haunted so I added a vault to it the kitchen freezer where I keep my style because I’m cold like the cubes that are frosted the stove where I keep most heated debated pieces of my work connected to me like the tile floor in order for me to reintegrate I’m what u should refrigerate as life goes on my pen will add more stories to it I just hope I don’t get foreclosed or fold and lose it  

Spark Up (a conversation)

Me: Hey you’re beautiful 

Her: What u say? (confused)

Me: I’m just being truthful 

Her: Where u going? Why are u going that way?

Me: I just thought I could cheer up your day 

Her: That’s fine by me, ok? (smiling)

Me: How are u by the way, what’s your name?

Her: I’m fine thanks, I’m Kush 

Me: Hold on, like the bush? (smiling)

Her: One of the same, what about u?

Me: Cleveland

Her: Like the city?

Me: Yes indeedy that part about me is true 

Me: So I have to ask, do u smoke?

Her: Nope

Me: Aw damn, false hope

Her: Just kidding, u think with a name like Kush, c’mon now

Me: Yea, I should have seen that coming (laughing)

Her: U?

Me: Yes ma’am, I smoke so much it’s apart of my hue

Her: You’re cute and funny too (laughing)

Me: Thank u, but I thought cute was for babies, just kidding I told u how I feel I had to pursue 

Her: You’re smooth and I like your confidence (smiling) 

Me: Hey how about we smoke and I’ll let u examine all the evidence?

Her: Ok that sounds interesting, here I brought my own medicine

Me: What a blessing, she’s truly heaven sent (pondering)