Random Thoughts

Nowadays everybody want to be dope dealers whatever happened to the go getters whatever happened to them hope visions it’s like they sending in more petitions to become morticians partaking in all that is forbidden acting like everything will be forgiven they try to run things with that long nose Scottie Pippen but the barrel always leave them tripping they sometimes plot a killing just from the way u sitting and how about the deadly war over sneakers whatever happened to the leaders who could move a group like preachers whatever happened to the teachers who should walk around with a sign saying, “your children really need us” whatever happened to them inspirational speakers I’ll be honest I do have dope lines but the only trap house I know of is my mind my tongue is the only crime but instead I use it to shine we are slowly dying we need someone to speak for us because if not the world will be left blind 

5 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I dig what you say. Love not having any punctuation. Make your own rules and say what you can keep bottled up.

  2. I think that I know what happened? Some push dope because they have not skills. To them it seems easy to hustle on the corner 24/7 in all type of weather. The less we educate, the more people we can keep down and control. The system scares teachers into submission, and brainwash parents mumbo jumbo.

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