Hey everybody Cleveland here, I hope everyone is enjoying and having a Happy Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween I was hoping to liven your day by asking the age ole question. What is your favorite scary movie?

Not all at once, I’ll go first….the Child’s Play movies, but only Child’s Play 1,2, and 3. The newer Chucky movies were whack in my opinion. So lets hear your favorite scary movie.

29 thoughts on “HAPPY HALLOWEEN

  1. I don’t like scary movies to be honest because they become all too real for me, both when I am sleeping and awake. I do have a fair number of loved ones that get into them though. So go ahead and watch them and get scared for me. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m not a horror fan, the really dark ones really freak me out, but Scream I do like, think that falls under the horror films umbrella. ☺️✨

  3. I’m like Oz, scary movies scare me, altho I do like to watch them. Just can’t watch them alone.
    I don’t have a favorite tho…But a dark and scifi and creepy movie that I love is Donnie darko. It’s cool. Mind-fucking

  4. I don’t watch scary movies anymore…but the first Aliens and the original Fright scared me at one time.

  5. My favorite has to be The Orphanage. Guillermo Del Toro sets up subtle suspense horror so well. He knows how to make you care about the characters, and makes his characters intelligent! I want a character I can sympathize with and fear for when they have to go into a dark room with a lit candle and nothing else. The character has a reason to do it, and you know they have to, but you also know it’s not going to end well. That’s the only kind of horror I can watch, when I can fear for the characters. Otherwise it’s just a guessing game of who dies first. XD

  6. Hey Cleveland…my favorite scary movie is “Scream”….I loved the twist.

    When I was younger Chuckie scared the crap outta me….it had me scared of my dollbabies..I still feel some type of way about it..lol

  7. Hi there. I LOVE horror! My favourite scary one has to be the original Japanese film ‘The Ring’. I think it’s the only horror film that actually scared me…..a little..hehe

  8. Psycho~ not really a Hallowe’en movie, just a classic Hitchcock thriller!

  9. Dawn of the Dead (remake), 28 Days Later, The Eye (original), and The Orphanage are all my fave horror flicks πŸ™‚

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