I have a lot of dreams, none that can every come true it seem
So far fetched, but not greed
All I want is a good read
Not a follower at all, but since no one is taking control, I guess I’ll lead
An ill gotten seed
Still immature but trying to grasp a better scene 
Inspired to be an inspiration
But tired of the discrimination
I’m trying to be less timid because that’s a limitation
Past arguments about my stand on assimilation
I just feel what’s real shouldn’t be an imitation
I just want to be comfortable
With a foundation that’s supportable
A future bright enough that these dreams seem more affordable
Determined to make success portable
These tears of hard work are finally pouring true
This is all I do
Dream dream dream
Making sure I have a mean that mean more than just making means
When I’m up stressed out I fall back and dream
Worth more cream than any material thing
No matter if you’re a single being or a street team
Never lay them down, stand up for your dream
Let’s show a king how we all dream

4 thoughts on “Dream

  1. Wow! That’s really cool!

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