Alter Ego

I’m just being honest, no future

the pain in my veins feels like I’m having trouble with a suture

but I’m steady flexing on them like lex luger

no need to size me up because I’m already a ruler

don’t let the cool guy fool u

I keep these fiends clucking like a rooster

nowadays everybody want that top seat but come up short, they need a booster

I swear my nightmares come to life, freddy kruger

these lines so cold they’ll cool u like a cooler

u can try to change the game until they owe u, like a sooner

but see I want to eclipse the game, no lunar

now the game can rest in my shadow, that the rumor

I use my words to humor u

but can cause more damage than a tumor do

I feel my life is empty like a hoola hoop

I don’t know how I come up with such crazy lines, guess I’m coo coo

I know I look harmless like a poodle do

but I have no problem showing u what this uzi do

hold up let me switch it up like a rubiks cube

excuse the attitude

I apologize if I’m coming off a little rude

I feel like I’m falling apart, the stress got me a little unglued

I’m at a point where I don’t know who is who and that’s not usual

get treated like a dog, I guess I’m another misunderstood pit-bull

I’m such a square because I’m so closed up, like its cool

yeah, I been a fool

then I grew up and learned how to change

yeah, I been to school

success over everything, yeah that been the rule

I’m swimming with ideas, so 2015 will be my pool

3 thoughts on “Alter Ego

  1. powerful imagery – loving the references too. cheers to a creative 2015! L.C.

  2. So happy to see your work again. It’s been way too long. Sending you good wishes for a wonderful new year. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. This one is excellent.

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