Random Thought

I quote potent scriptures like a reverend
my will is real, call me will because I am legend
maybe that’s a long shot, but I can measure
I just want to shine, so I’m going to keep showing u my hidden treasure
they say I’m misunderstood, but honestly I never met her
how I’m too cold, they think I should sweater
no coogi or izod though, I’m just trying to be cool so it’s more like a sweatshirt
but it seems that something is always storming no matter the weather
now, I would never say I’m the best but sometimes I feel that shoe fits me better
but I don’t stand alone, my achievements raise hope so hopefully we’ll rise up together
it’s crazy this society string us up with so many lies until it’s hard to break the tether
that’s why I think I’m different in every texture
excuse me for this lecture
fame, yup I reject her
pain, comes from all the pressure
peace, I wish I could catch her
this wordsmith want to put his worship on every surface like a projector
I finally bare the fruits of the spirit so it’s only right I enjoy the nectar

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