Random Thought

Man I swear this girl nuts, I nicknamed her cashew

Because she keep telling me the love is past due

So let me ask u

Do u think this is a joke, because I want to laugh too

U say we have a lot of problems to tackle, but u rather let them pass u

U think love is the finish line, but u steady let people lap u

Your heart shouldn’t feel like a jail, u shouldn’t let them trap u

U say you’re an old soul, but act brand new

You’re always putting me down, which is why I can’t stand u

I really hope u marinate what I’m saying to u

U have so many trust issues, even the smallest things take a day to prove

Your foundation was weak, your shame kept raining through

I mean u had me like a dog, everything u say I’ll do

Your last name should have been parker, because u acted like it was a game to u

I must look insane to u

Must be because all I see is a loony tune, so I’m blaming u

But that’s not what I came to do

I just wanted to write this letter naming u

For our sudden break, but respect is what I’m paying u

Because at the end of the day I’ll be alone, but a lifetime of loneliness and regret is what will be gaining u

Random Thought

I’ve stolen so many hearts, I’m now paying the fine

I’m at a stand still, but the only thing the keeps running is time

The truth expose everybody so just wait in line

It seems like comfort is so hard to find

So off in space I’ve lost my mind

The world left me blind

While the past left me behind

Just wait son

Was whispered to me followed by, until your day come

They say three is a charm, well I guess I’m a great one

My words are honest, I never fake none

It’s just a penny for my thoughts, here take one

Chill kid

I was told followed by, until we build kid

Along with my dreams, my nightmares are still big

Socially awkward and a little weird, but I’m sick with words like I have an illness

But patience is what I have to deal with

I’m just hoping u can feel this

We made it

Was yelled out followed by, see that’s with all that time dedicated

The truth is being dumb down, that’s why u have to stay educated

I stay medicated

Because my mind never vacant

My talent is original so I won’t let them take it

My soul shine bright like a diamond so I won’t let them break it

On so much of a high I swear I feel elevated

Because everyday greatness is celebrated

Like I was never supposed to make it

….so u can bet on me……..

Random Thought

U perfect yet unique like a snowflake

U got me trying to prove our love exist like a probate

Ever since I was six, u been the type I hope to date

The one I hope to mate

I just didn’t know the date

I nick-named u “good gracious”

I guess that’s what u get when u show patience

And a goal for greatness

Breathless is what u left me

My life is what u can bet me

If u tell me to put my love on the line, go ahead test me

Because I believe you’re what God blessed me

No longer will I let doubt effect me

I put a pause on my life just to see how our future will play out, hoping u don’t rec me

It’s this thing about love

U can be the hardest thing out or even a thug, but u can feel that love in your blood

Yet the only thing holding u back is trust

So then that love thing gets turned into lust

It can turn a good thing to a mutt

A sure thing to a slut

Put a label on u, call u boo-thing just for some butt

While u denying that little feeling in your gut

Choosing to keep your mouth shut

But I think we depreciate the value of love

No loyalty, is why we get discarded like dust

Turning that childhood crush into arguments and fuss

Turning what used to shine so bright into rust

No..no tell all those urges it’s quiet time, now hush

Because I swear u can make a black man blush

U make me want to eat all those ghosts in my closet like pacman lunch

U worth it

Why, because love is the verdict

And no I’m not trying to play any games just had to be certain

I swear love make u extra careful like a virgin

That’s why I have to try, because it’s the only thing that will stop the hurting

Plus it’ll be too heavy for me to have to burden

That’s when she took me upstairs and started kissing me until we had to close the curtain





Random Thought

U said u mine, well I want to see a visual

I mean how many pennies do I need to toss in that wishing well

U have angelic features and u listen well

I swear heaven is where u clearly fell

The days I’m not with u are literally hell

I promise to never make u wait, so lose your scale

And I’m going to always fight for u, every tooth and nail

They say it’s not love, but whose to tell

U stole my heart, but I chose to sell

U chose friendship, so I chose to bail

It left my heart bitter like any ale

She was a winner but she gave me a L

….she was the one that got away….

……this was love dot  dot  dot



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Random Thought

Way back when we were macking and smashing

laughing and cracking

but no more of that action

now that you’re packing

no more asking what happened

even though u were acting

but I’m the one tripping, ain’t nobody mapping

she’s mad, she’s constantly tapping

her emotions keep stacking

which was followed by on going nagging

u never used to act like this back then

she say a heart was what I was lacking

but you’ll be back following me like I’m your captain

she got mad and started bashing

looking like she about to shoot and I’m the basket

she said I will never be king again, I guess I’m jack then

took a breath and refrained from japping

because she knew how to push my buttons like it was her knack then

a weakness among most back men

but I ate every word like I was snacking

I just gave her a round of applause, yup I started clapping

that’s when she started smacking

I left her while her lips were still flapping

then gave her two fingers like I was gang flagging

so in this instance who u think was over reacting


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I can remember every dream (RED) so vividly in my 27 years it’s scaring me reason because my dreams never have happy endings seriously if I’m not somehow getting murdered then I’m just shy of cumming this is really killing me how my thoughts are fixated on destroying my emotions where’s my sympathy what about my family do I even get a symphony it’s like my mind is fighting my body and my soul has it in for me what an epiphany maybe I should explain see back way back when I was regressing everyday (RED) the reasoning drove me insane see it was all I had to cope with all I had to retain when the past keeps repeating itself and those mind games keep playing how could u refrain there were moments where I could have been found slain and this is what I wanna go back to how can u not feel my pain there were more times I was so high I barely knew my name there was a time when I started hanging with a gang sold drugs just to cop me a new chain did what I had to just so I could reach my dream of street fame took me a while before I realized that stuff was really lame that’s why now I regret each day (RED) the things I’ve done i dare to say the games I played the various women I preyed villains I sprayed then slayed now these visions are coming back of each one of them laid in a grave a little boy in a man’s body enslaved see my life need a shave people need to get cut off in order for my future to be paved first I have to remove evil demons (RED) eradicate a few of those skeletons because my intelligence is more than relevant my words are heaven sent not saying that I’m God but one of his angels in every tint I’ve been doing this for more than a little bit so yea I’m confident its all over me my scent first I must repent I’m older now so those childish games just don’t fit I’m ashamed of my past and I’m proud of it that’s why I’m trying to reach epic distances (RED) and share my life as I go through my sentences with no filter I hope I won’t be judged for my differences my goal is to overcome this ignorance with words that paints pictures of things u never seen places u never been let my experiences flood your mind waves let them marinate and give u what u crave please let your hear buds taste every crumb please let my work sing out and ring eardrums (RED)


The first time I saw u I only wanted to explore u but after seeing more of u I started to adore u got harder to ignore u just wanted to wrap u up and coil u spoil u never ever turn u royal blue grown man so there’s no need to toy with u putting myself out there for u i pledge to u that no matter what I’ll be right there for u u mean so much u’re mean so what because at the end of the day u know I mean too much your eyes your touch it’s more to u than just your butt I promise if I told u how I really felt u’ll blush and I bet I could make u cringe with excitement if I told u what I would do to u because I mean look at u no really look at u u’re really beautiful too from your lips hips thighs right down to your cuticles u’re a sight for blind eyes a true visual been looking for someone like u all my life I’ve been wondering what’s taking u had plans for u even before your parents started making u trust me I’m not faking u u taught me love how to be sensible and taught me patience too almost cried when I started dating u I mean u’re breathe taking I swear every time Im around u I start suffocating it’s true I get choked up but thats ok because my actions speak louder than words so whatever I do for u it’s from the heart this fire won’t ever die on u i’ll even cry for u your heartbeat my lullaby whenever I lie on u so when people ask me what’s my number one love my answer will always be y o u