The Boys in Blue

The Boys in Blue

The boys in blue old school but new school gang still live and true brandishing a badge and gun shooting at folks for fun more powerful than the kings and folks the crips and bloods for every ounce of spilled blood they gain a rep a bigger pay check and more like them lying to impressionable minds using their name as good so one day these youth can grow up to be just like them this is how they recruit like computers any sign of crashing they try to regroup or reboot gaining an even stronger code of ethics a life lesson of segregation and empowerment written with our soul this sh*t is restless known not to be messed with like most gangs but instead of trying to cop the biggest necklace they try to leave u neckless claiming self defense wearing their work on their sleeves and feed it to their og’s that everyone know as politicians the mayors and governors are next in line then their henchmen or lynch men to protect them given power to destroy a race to deface the many faces of this society with traces of poverty this is polygamy forced to trust those who suppose to protect us then f*** us and they do this over and over again until the lies and bs give birth to bastard kids who are raised on f*** the police see these are the ones u don’t play with all action don’t say sh*t these are the ones that are heartless and reckless who will take a cop out quick no patience or will die trying but see police they know this so instead of shoot to kill like they were know for they find a cell to hold us like slavery they take our freedoms telling us when to think when to sleep when to sh*t when to shower so over time they force us to realize they always been in power also using this to break us so we can become institutionalized or lack of better words get out my face know your place or your place on this earth with be misplaced they pump control or base and let it rush through our streets like marathon races it then run through our veins like rats in most mazes no wonder why we have more cases than the year have days this is tasteless I look back at the lives that were wasted from the lies we were raised on as we sit and watch police shrivel our communities like raisins in the sun