Random Thoughts

I stiff arm haters like I’m battling rigor mortis

in any war I’m more like the tortoise

slow and steady

so I hope you’re ready

u try to act hard until u have that heat put on, then get soft like wet spaghetti

I keep my flow boxed in like a levy

too fly, I ride around in a spaceship like the old school chevy

I act like I’m carefree

though framed as a black figure that’s a little sketchy

all that hate and negativity is really unhealthy

I hope my words swarm your airstream like confetti

I’m a bright star please open up your blinds

If I add up these lines

then multiply my fan base five times

subtract the haters and my divide ends will equal cash

that should sum it up or do we need to do the math

like break it up in halves, fractions

see I’m all aout that action

“realtalented killed it”, should be the caption

amazed should be your reaction

all I spit is sinful hymns

that’s why day to day I try to repent my sins

I sometimes swallow my synonyms and antonyms like m&ms

got a lot to say that’s why I extend my pens

my sentences can cut deep like a razor

I’m fresh to death, I should start wearing blazers

the vapors from the papers got my eyes beaming red like lasers

watch me shock u like a taser

now haters are traced with envy

they try to end me but I keep coming back like that kid off south park, Kenny

see back in the day u pass the remy only if it wasn’t any henny

how u gonna be bull headed with no benny?

how u gonna come to america with no semi?

as long as I can continue to gain the respect from many

then someday, one day my pen will be my emmy