Random Thought

Man I swear this girl nuts, I nicknamed her cashew

Because she keep telling me the love is past due

So let me ask u

Do u think this is a joke, because I want to laugh too

U say we have a lot of problems to tackle, but u rather let them pass u

U think love is the finish line, but u steady let people lap u

Your heart shouldn’t feel like a jail, u shouldn’t let them trap u

U say you’re an old soul, but act brand new

You’re always putting me down, which is why I can’t stand u

I really hope u marinate what I’m saying to u

U have so many trust issues, even the smallest things take a day to prove

Your foundation was weak, your shame kept raining through

I mean u had me like a dog, everything u say I’ll do

Your last name should have been parker, because u acted like it was a game to u

I must look insane to u

Must be because all I see is a loony tune, so I’m blaming u

But that’s not what I came to do

I just wanted to write this letter naming u

For our sudden break, but respect is what I’m paying u

Because at the end of the day I’ll be alone, but a lifetime of loneliness and regret is what will be gaining u

Happy Valentine’s Day

My love, has been the same one for 29 years

Through all the tears, fears and nightmares

U been there for all of them

Your love always make me feel like a kid again

Your kisses are like medicine

Those warm moments are always relevant

Her little man, she always reminds me that I’m handsome and intelligent

U saw how love always left me so cold, so u bought me a sweater vest

It’s always u that I went to

It’s always u I would vent to

I thank God everyday that he sent u

Because then I wouldn’t exist

If I used my words to describe what u mean to me, it’ll be too much to list

You’re my wish

U can make me feel so safe just by one kiss

You’re my superhero

Always tell u I love u no matter the cooler ego

Valentines isn’t anymore special than any other day that might pop up

My love will never get separated not even by a comma

Just like everyday, I love u mama

Random Thought

If I had a penny for every chick that tried to take my heart away

I’d have about a dollar that’s why I rather part ways

To me, love is heart shaped

I can dream about it, but never partake

It seems like everybody always chummy towards me like I’m shark bait

I think my luck ran out so from now on I’ll pray

But I’m not trying to go outside my comfort zone, for now I’ll stay

And if u try to rush love then I’ll choose to wait

My love needs to be aged like wine, I can keep it flowing like any lake

Her kisses are like sugar, her heart like cake

U got me begging like a child, there’s no mistake

Your warm embrace I never wanted to break

But with so much at stake

Love is tricky, yet sticky like tape

I mean I get it, but I just arrived a little too late

Asking myself if my past cleared me to date

Or if I have any leftover baggage that might get in the way

So for now my heart is an oval, but finally willing to take shape

See at first I had a bib, now it’s more like a cape

Before I had a wall up, now it’s just a gate

Before I had too many wishes, now it’s just fate

So why look for something you’re not ready for, that’s like trying to sleep while you’re awake




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Random Thought

I feel like everybody else is progressing and I’m standing still

steady stressing, that’s why I’m trying to race to get a mil

second guessing about if I’m good enough to get a deal

see everyday this is how I feel

living out nightmares because dreams seem far fetched, this is real

some days I’m so blue, I’m teal

constantly rambling about gambling because I’m too impatient to build

I have a skill but no one listens, I guess I have to kill

nah, let me exercise my art like I body build

it’ll leave u with a buzz like u running through a poppy field

just please don’t judge, I know I’m all over the place like a sloppy spill

I’m not really the emotional touchy feely type, but I might write something to help u cop a feel

I have to preserve the fruits of my labor that’s why I keep them locked and sealed

yeah, I feel like everything I say sick like I can’t pay the doctor bill

which are reasons why I keep attacking every obstacle with zeal

Random Thought

I’m a receiver girl, throw that

do what u want, please don’t hold back

she taking these ass shots like a kodak

she say u the man, I say s*** know that

the next day on twitter she’s going to post that

so I sneak into her dm’s, guess what I wrote back

a few smiley faces later, she sending me emojis of her little cat

so I planned her heart hijack, where everybody lack at

yup, I’m going to court her so she can get this shaq attack

I’m going to break her back in fact

I’m going to keep feeding my face until I reach her little gift like a cracker jack

then split her like an axe, and cuddle after that

the next morning kick her to the curb like a hacky sac

that’s when I woke up and tried to figure out what I was laughing at

………lol it feels so nice to be back on track

Heavy Minded

They say when the head dies the body follows and I’ll be damned if I let anyone take my mind because unlike it my chest is hollow no heart rests just ribs and intestine no I wear it on my sleeve trying to hide it with a tee simply because I don’t want society to get a glimpse of me I’m on the go or maybe I’m stalling I’m so high or maybe I’m falling and I’ll be honest I think I can write or maybe it’s my calling can’t say that about a lot of music out here now it’s really appalling no lies about what I do I swear this is the real me talking 180 proof walking and I’m not trying to just open the door to this writing stuff I’m trying barge in because my mentals are not subdued by subliminals or laid to instrumentals this is real life a track record of the things I been through hopefully one day I can fill out a venue where my words will be the only thing on the menu because I want u the audience to eat my words swallow my sooth digest these sweet lines that rotten my tooth these metaphors will floor your foundation starting with the walls then the roof this is all of me the flaws the truth these issues that weigh so heavy on my mind I have to get them off my chest like a bench press as my will gets stronger my compositions are the proof 

Random thoughts

These are just a bunch of random thoughts literally emotional outbursts or better yet just me rambling really see people view me as lame weird and silly but I just use their self pity to build my confidence its not very witty to judge a book by its cover but its a practice so widely used which is pure ignorance absolute perception comes with time and in due time people will see absolute perfection through my eyes and my words like swords they pierce eardrums or hearts if thats where u hear from see I’m trying to leave a lasting impression with words that are worth more than money in this saddening recession see now there’s an all time high of depression which soon turns worse into aggression which gives way to more murder and suicide rates which at the end of the day cause repression if u listen hard u’ll see there’s a blessing in this message there’s no reason to want to get reckless for a necklace if u have god in your life and family on your side that’s all u need to survive just accept it the real gift is in this lesson and I’m handing out a lot so just consider them as presents these words are just my transition from a boy to a grown man from accepting handouts to holding my life in my own hand my words aren’t really what u may be used to but hopefully I use them right in order to move u