I cried the day I exited out of my mom’s stomach and probably a thousand times after that somewhat I cried the first time I got a boo boo I cried the first time my mom had my tooth pulled I cried when I tried to swim but sank to the bottom of the pool I cried when my childhood crush had to move I cried when I was told that wrestling’s fake and to think all this crying I did before I was eight I cried when we had to move across the city it was like we moved to a different state I cried from the whoopings I received for showing up to school late and all those switches from a tree I had to bring back just for me but nope only the skinniest ones for me I cried when that didn’t work I cried when we had to put granny in the earth I cried when I ran into a pole face first I cried when I saw numerous aunts cousins and uncles in a hearst it was worse seeing all of them in dirt I cried when I got grazed by a stray bullet yea that really hurt had my friends saying that i could have got merked as I got older I found that showing my emotions wasn’t as easy so now I almost cried when my first love whispered that she need me I did cry when she finally decided to leave me I almost cried when I graduated because after all I endured I was glad I made it I almost cried when we chose to have a baby so we mated I was her rock and made sure she was ok then cried in the bathroom when our child was taken a miscarriage was the result of our marriage broken I almost cried during the ending of the movie armageddon no joking it took some time but I cried when gunshots left my little cousin open I cried when my mom beat breast cancer after she was told it was potent and I’ll probably cry when I finally become my own boss I already know it so yes I cry but admitting that I cry doesn’t make me less of a man but more of one because i can admit my faults and vulnerabilities which in turn make me stronger one day hopefully u’ll understand