Random Thought

Now, I would say that this is usual

but this is not something I’m really used to

listen to my words, let them loop through

I’m full of mistakes like I’m penciled in, but who drew

a young talented kid but know knew

yup, this kid is real like I was speaking hebrew

I want my lessons to reach u

my art to teach u

let my work home u in, not lease u

let my blood, sweat and tears bleed through

I hope my message please u

if pain is what teases u, I hope to appease u

society’s strong hold, let me release u

yeah I have regrets, too many to list through

and have too many problems, way more than a fistful

but yet I’m blissful

even though I walk around as if I’m piss blue

please don’t let that congeal u

just let my evolution revolve around u like a pistol

they say pressure creates greatness, so watch me drill through

Random Thoughts

Born with precious talent messages from my heart are accounted which is protected by my chest which is protected by a vest I want to open your sutures and expose whatever suits u they often called a loser but maybe they were right because eventually I’ll lose her how ironic went from being drunk off that tonic to throwing up metaphors and creating poetry from my vomit ok maybe I’m too much to stomach my appearance leave them running but my verbs keep them coming how stunning my cunning ways to start tonguing my shortcomings instead of fronting is it me or am I something it’s funny how a light is always going off in my head like a pumpkin never again will I slack off these haters are pass soft procrastination should be assassinated ok maybe I exaggerated a tad bit but at least incarcerated that’s why I try to concentrate greatness and tolerate patience as the days pass I’m more likely to become one of your favorite I feel alienated but my aura is outer space period so let me abduct your body and probe your mind with my words I’m serious here let me beam u up to my spaceship   

Random Thoughts

Nowadays everybody want to be dope dealers whatever happened to the go getters whatever happened to them hope visions it’s like they sending in more petitions to become morticians partaking in all that is forbidden acting like everything will be forgiven they try to run things with that long nose Scottie Pippen but the barrel always leave them tripping they sometimes plot a killing just from the way u sitting and how about the deadly war over sneakers whatever happened to the leaders who could move a group like preachers whatever happened to the teachers who should walk around with a sign saying, “your children really need us” whatever happened to them inspirational speakers I’ll be honest I do have dope lines but the only trap house I know of is my mind my tongue is the only crime but instead I use it to shine we are slowly dying we need someone to speak for us because if not the world will be left blind