Random Thought

I’ve stolen so many hearts, I’m now paying the fine

I’m at a stand still, but the only thing the keeps running is time

The truth expose everybody so just wait in line

It seems like comfort is so hard to find

So off in space I’ve lost my mind

The world left me blind

While the past left me behind

Just wait son

Was whispered to me followed by, until your day come

They say three is a charm, well I guess I’m a great one

My words are honest, I never fake none

It’s just a penny for my thoughts, here take one

Chill kid

I was told followed by, until we build kid

Along with my dreams, my nightmares are still big

Socially awkward and a little weird, but I’m sick with words like I have an illness

But patience is what I have to deal with

I’m just hoping u can feel this

We made it

Was yelled out followed by, see that’s with all that time dedicated

The truth is being dumb down, that’s why u have to stay educated

I stay medicated

Because my mind never vacant

My talent is original so I won’t let them take it

My soul shine bright like a diamond so I won’t let them break it

On so much of a high I swear I feel elevated

Because everyday greatness is celebrated

Like I was never supposed to make it

….so u can bet on me……..

Random Thoughts

I’m playing gin rummy I don’t really drink but I’ll take a gin running that’s a gin chased my girl keeps asking me if I think that is safe obviously I’m in a bad mood so don’t bother me we argue back and forth like a rivalry u tried to sell me a dream that’s bribery but I still bought it because no one is perfect honestly I’m numb every time u lie to me because you’re not the only one u knew I wore my heart on my sleeve and u made  me an amputee I snap back from my flashback and realize its crazy what happens when liquor breaks down the thought process discard common sense and all u end up with is debris  

Random Thoughts

Living in a 4d world with everyone else is 2d it seems when people look they see right through me this girl think I should sweat her like coogi but deep down she knows I only like bud like rudy a little loopy and a little moody at times but watch me transform my life’s future to a gem like a ruby lines of true beauty that should be captured forever so whose willing to shoot me