Random Thought

We lay under the stars

As I let their light shine through her

Because she shines through me

We gravitate towards each other

As our vibes collide and start glowing

It’s truly love u can see

How could such a perfect being be so equal

I mean every shape and curve

Could that be symmetry

Our differences blend together

Our auras mixing creating pure sexual reactions

No wonder why we have so much chemistry

Our love is priceless

So I’m stingy with her

Her heart is all mine to keep

I think I found my other half

I doubt it though, I’m used to a departed heart

But it might be, because me plus her equals complete

Misunderstood (rough draft)

The person standing in front of u on his own two has been referred to as many things except a man going through life being a statistic made me ballistic but as I grew older I witnessed it was realistic striving to be different I tried to live outside the box but steady find myself in the streets moving from block to block like hopscotch conformity ¬†is normal b is all i kept hearing so I go along with it playing this puzzle game called life so empty but yet circles itself like an inner tube switching my style up and rotating my routines around doesn’t always match up like a rubik’s cube but yet I strived to be different my conception could have been a misdirection lost like if this country had no election maybe I’m just misunderstood I’d change people’s perceptions if I could because people see right through me I guess they have 20/20 vision I just do see it maybe my vision is blurry because u still judge without a gavel not realizing that I’ve chosen the road less traveled but why does it matter you’re still gonna view me as a hoodlum gang banger or rapper that’s not what I strive to be in school I always pulled a‘s and b‘s but yet people want to ask for a cd which makes my patience run on e it wouldn’t be so nice if I said f u because deep down I’m still a g but that would only make me regress when I’m trying to process this progress to success¬†